Several meanings are attached to this word.

The most direct one relates to products excellence. From 1994 to date, the technical regulations on hydraulic binders have undergone extensive developments compared with the previous model of 1968. Very innovative elements have been introduced as far as composition, components features, conformity evaluation and certification are concerned.
In the building industry the common cements were the first products to receive EC marking and today they are subject to the same rules in all EU countries thanks to the harmonized standard EN 197-1.

In a context of continuous evolution and innovation like ours, quality means also research and development. Before the merger, both Buzzi Cementi and Unicem had already developed operating structures addressed to: continuous improvement of products quality, research for the opportunities offered by innovative and/or alternative materials, understanding and fulfilment of our customers’ requirements.
Now, in Buzzi Unicem the two structures have converged bringing together skills and experiences of incalculable value, acquired during the many years of activity.