04 May 2023

"La voce della Costituzione" on stage in the cement plant for the "Porte Aperte" on Saturday 6th May

The Buzzi Unicem plant in Monselice will open the month of "Porte Aperte" on Saturday 6 May promoted by Federbeton Confindustria - the federation that represents the cement and concrete supply chain - to introduce communities behind the scenes of the Made in Italy effort in the construction sector.
The artistic and social sensitivity developed in recent years has led Buzzi Unicem to honor this commitment by organizing a relevant event: two hundred students from the JFK Institute (Monselice) and Jacopo da Montagnana (Montagnana) high schools will be spectators of “ La voce della Costituzione”, as part of the Este vicariate "Teatrando" project. A representation full of meaning and value, which will be staged by Alberto Riello and Stefano Corbo in the bagging area of the plant starting at 10.30.

The show will be preceded by a visit of the plant, to discover the innovations and the materials involved in the production of a precious commodity such as cement, whose supply chain employs over 34,000 people in Italy. At the end of the show, a debate animated by the students will follow.

Buzzi Unicem confirms with this event its sensitivity to the enhancement of the talent of young actors and the transmission of noble values, transforming an area of the Monselice plant into an unusual and informal scenic space: a synergy between local cultural activities and its own productive reality.

Federbeton's "Porte Aperte" will continue throughout the month: on 20th and 27th May Buzzi Unicem will meet the schools of the respective territories at the Barletta and Siniscola (Nuoro) plants. For further details on the national initiative promoted by Federbeton: