30 September 2022

Buzzi Unicem side by side with Casalese basketball

30 September 2022 – Sustainability, ambition and connection with the territory: in the sign of these three cornerstones, Buzzi Unicem continues to believe in the Casalese basketball, supporting the two main teams currently competing in the second and third national series.

For the third year in a row, Buzzi Unicem is fueling the sports project of Monferrato Basket (new name of J Basket Monferrato) as a Gold Sponsor. The company's logo will again be prominently displayed on the official jersey with which the team will tackle a new A2 Series championship.

At the same time, Buzzi Unicem will also be sponsoring Junior Casale, a historic association this year engaged in the B championship, as a result of the team winning the C Gold championship this past season.

Thus, the commitment to support a team sport that is highly enjoyed and practiced in the area - starting with the youngest children in the form of mini basketball up to the Senior teams - and which perfectly embodies the spirit of the Company: the collective effort is more important than any individualism.

In addition to rooting for the achievement of the best sport results, Buzzi Unicem is also looking with interest at the consolidation process of the two sports clubs, with which it shares the values of sustainability, ambition and connection with the territory.