15 July 2021

Buzzi Unicem supports “The Association Cement in the identity of Monferrato Casalese”, in the regenerative design of the Paraboloide

The Paraboloide of Casale Monferrato, one of the most distinctive and recognizable traces of the production history of the Monferrato Casalese area, thanks to the support of the "The Association Cement in the identity of Monferrato Casalese", which includes private and public members, is a landmark in the recovery and urban integration process of Casale's production past, opening a door to the future.
In fact, the project for strategic recovery of the Paraboloide has been funded, with the aim of protecting the property and reintegrating it into urban and social life, as well as emphasizing its historical traces and features, so that it can finally be returned to the city of Casale Monferrato as part of a systemic network.

The valorization of the Paraboloide also provides an opportunity to work in a residential area of Casale Monferrato wedged between the railway and the park of the Cittadella, fragmented and poorly connected to the city center, with the intention of becoming the cornerstone of a veritable urban regeneration, for a sustainable and integrated city, according to the best parameters of environmental, economic, and social quality.

The recovery project will enable the Municipality of Casale Monferrato, which owns the property, to take part in the national competition for the allocation of grants to Municipalities for investments in urban regeneration projects. 

The building is a "significant example of industrial archaeology in reinforced concrete from the 1920s, a typical example in terms of the type of construction, techniques and materials used", as underlined by the declaration of cultural interest (DDR – Director Document for Reconstruction no. 163 of 14 June 2011) that sanctions its protection. The roof, a sequence of parabolic arches allowing a free plan and an airy, light volume, is the result of daring twentieth-century experiments with concrete. the Paraboloide of Casale Monferrato is the first real Italian example of this type of design, subsequently developed and expanded by iconic figures such as Pier Luigi Nervi.

The building will be renovated according to the "Guidelines for the Project of Recovery and Seismic Improvement of the Paraboloide of Casale" drawn up by the Department of Structural, Building and Geotechnical Engineering of the Polytechnic Institute of Turin in 2018. 
The deterioration phenomena with consequent structural inefficiency will be counteracted by widespread consolidation works, using the Beton Plaqué technique. 
The existing chains, added following renovations carried out during the second half of the 20th century, will be replaced with steel chains at the level of the existing floor. 
The external tower, 16 meters high and strongly characterizing the north-eastern elevation, will be secured and structurally connected to the main body of the building. Following the restoration, the latter will be used as a covered square and will be equipped with new multi-purpose spaces designed indoors, connected to the entrance level by a new stairwell, and with a renovated pathway to the upper walkway.
The adjacent area will be redeveloped using greenery as an "architectural material", offering spaces for outdoor sports and social activities, in line with the Citadel's green system and the interior of the building. On the south-west side, the building will be "isolated" from the surrounding looming residences by an embankment, a sort of green amphitheater accessible to the public. On the other hand, the part facing the park of the Cittadella will be lined with green paths and equipped with a projecting roof for sports activities.