14 December 2021

Monselice Cement Plant, a year of initiatives for the local community

The year 2021, about to come to an end, has been an extremely positive one for both our Plant and for the strengthening of relationships with the local community.

We are proud to emphasize that in spite of the difficulties brought on by the pandemic, always managed in strict compliance with anti-Covid protocols, we welcomed at our facilities almost 650 visitors, who seized the opportunity to ask us many pertinent questions about our activities,

Throughout the year, we also maintained a constructive dialogue with the local schools, which chose the Monselice Plant for eleven school-work programs and numerous educational and informational visits.

We are also extremely pleased to have been able to implement four partnership projects with as many local associations, and we expect to do even better in 2022.

These are remarkable figures that bear witness to how much the work we have carried out to date has been appreciated and has strengthened the trust of our stakeholders. Therefore, we would like to publicly thank all those who see in us an opportunity to expand the discussion, deepen their knowledge of technological issues and enhance mutual skills.

We are so very proud to be an important part of the Monselice community and want to continue to be so for the coming decades, dealing together and consistently with the challenges brought about by climate change, towards the progressive decarbonization of production processes, continuing along the path we have been following in recent years, with the usual transparency that characterizes the dialogue with our stakeholders.

In this respect, and with reference to the recent articles published in various newspapers, we would like to remind you that the company has only requested, and obtained authorization from the relevant authorities, to build a silo to be used to store a mineral required for our process, thus avoiding its storage outdoors and reducing its environmental impact. On the other hand, the preliminary investigation is still underway with the Municipality to govern the relevant agreement required by the regulations of the Euganean Hills Park.

At this time, we would like to take the opportunity to wish Happy Holidays to the community that hosts us, and remind you once again that you can visit our cement plant by sending an e-mail to the following address