Ecospritz Gunite

Ecospritz Gunite is a ready-to-use, premixed mortar whose main component is the Ecospritz special binder, based on type IV/A – 42.5 pozzolanic cement with high resistance to sulfates. It is used for constructing thin, permanent structural overlays (tunnels, pipelines, securing unstable walls, tanks, etc.) using the dry-mix shotcrete technology. It does not require the addition of accelerator additives for spraying, nor does it contain caustic substances in suspension. Ecospritz Gunite guarantees high mechanical strength (45 MPa at 28 days), low permeability, high durability and is free of environmentally harmful eluates.


Struttura produttiva e distributiva

Via Monte Santo, 10
13039 Trino (VC)
tel. 800 075315

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