Ecospritz Gunite WLT

Ecospritz Gunite WLT is a ready-to-use, premixed, fiber-reinforced, shrinkage-compensating mortar, whose main component is the Ecospritz special binder, based on type IV/A – 42.5 pozzolanic cement with high resistance to sulfates. The product is non-rapid setting, allowing it to be finished appropriately with either a manual or power trowel since it remains trowelable for over 60 minutes. It can be applied in layers over 4 cm thick due to its thixotropic behavior. It is suitable for constructing the final structural overlays in tunnels, tanks, pipelines, underground walls and for securing unstable walls (minimum thickness 3 cm).


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Via Monte Santo, 10
13039 Trino (VC)
tel. 800 075315

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