Ecospritz WLT

Ecospritz WLT is a special, fiber-reinforced, non-rapid shrinkage-compensating binder for the production of mortar and grout used to restore deteriorated concrete structures. It consists of a type IV/A – 42.5 pozzolanic cement that meets UNI EN 197/1, has high resistance to sulfates in accordance with UNI 9156:2015, and is free of additional alkaline additives. When the proper-grained aggregates and binder are mixed together, they form a highly thixotropic mortar that is easy to finish and smooth and adheres to the wall surface even in layers over 4 cm thick thanks to its special cohesive properties. Ecospritz WLT produces a pumpable, thixotropic and non-segregating mortar with high mechanical strength, low permeability and high durability. The product’s controlled expansion compensates for both plastic shrinkage and the hydraulic shrinkage that occurs as the mixture hardens.


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Via Monte Santo, 10
13039 Trino (VC)
tel. 800 075315

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