24 January 2018

The Council for the Promotion of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Turin celebrates its 30th anniversary

The Council for the Promotion of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Turin celebrated its 30th anniversary in December 2017, thanking its sponsoring firms, including Buzzi Unicem, with a commemorative plaque and a lithograph.
Thanks to the continuous support of its sponsoring companies, the Council has worked hard over the last 30 years to bring about an artistic and cultural renaissance of the city, its greater metropolitan area and, more recently, also several sites outside the province.
Countless activities have taken place in the city, which have led to the restoration and promotion of various historic buildings, churches and monuments. These efforts have also been extended to the greater metropolitan area with works continuing at the Savoy residences of Stupinigi and Venaria Reale.
A couple of years ago, the Council turned its attention to a monument of industrial archeology located in Casale Monferrato, namely a clinker storage shed from 1938 known as the Paraboloid. This reinforced concrete building is the only remaining structure of the old cement plant that was located near the Citadella. The Council has initiated field surveys, commissioning an analytical metric survey of the underground areas of the building from the Department of Architecture and Design of the Polytechnic of Turin. The data will allow a detailed analysis of the structure and an understanding of what will need to be done to restore and develop the old storage shed. Once it has been properly transformed and repurposed, the building could become a resource for the city.