02 August 2021

Continuous improvement of the cement plant

The Buzzi Unicem cement plant in Monselice has released its AIA Annual Report. The document, which has been published in its entirety on the website of the Municipality of Monselice, describes all the measures implemented in the last two years for the benefit of the environment.

Among the most important of these was the replacement of the electro-filter with a bag filter to prevent detachment due to carbon monoxide formation.

Other significant measures include dust control in the raw materials unloading area, optimization with CO2 inertization for the fuel utilization line and, since February of this year, the installation of a new opacimeter to monitor dust to the kiln of the grate

Last but not least - among the main energy efficiency measures - the replacement, by the end of 2021, of all indoor lighting fixtures with the best performing and most efficient LED technology.