01 February 2024

Our support for parenting

“A nation in which no children are born has no future and does not innovate”.

Starting from this assumption, the company has developed the Family Friendly Company project to support women and families who wish to give birth to children. This is a set of measures, with economic and non-economic effects, to support colleagues of Italian companies of the Group in their life and growth choices.

More generally, Buzzi aims to counter the birth rate in our country, which is experiencing serious demographic decline. In fact, Italy is at the bottom of the European ranking of children per woman (only 1.22); furthermore, 43% of women with one child have no intention of having more for economic, professional and social reasons (Sources: ISTAT, June 2023; Save the Children Report: “Le Equilibriste - La maternità in Italia 2023”).

The company says: “In line with sustainability policies and people valorization, we want 'our parents' to face motherhood and fatherhood with serenity and that 'our mothers' have equal development opportunities, knowing that they can choose to bring children into the world, without their career path being limited as a consequence."

The interventions involve accompanying new parents from the months preceding the birth until they return to work.

The figure of the 'Family Friend' is established, a person designated to maintain contact with the colleague on leave for information purposes and on a voluntary basis, to update her/him on what is happening at work, in order to facilitate her/his return; the 'Thank you bonus' and the 'Up to kindergarten' are economic additions to optional post-natal leave; the 'Happy kids' contribution is a financial support for each new born up to a maximum of 3,000 euros gross per year for 3 years (the beneficiaries of this measure also include parents with children who, as of 31 December 2023, have not yet 3 years of age); finally, the return accompaniment path called 'Back on track' facilitates and harmonizes the colleague’s return to work.

Family Friendly Company is part of a broader project that intends to strengthen the company's commitment to promote an increasingly inclusive culture, based on equity and equal development opportunities and aimed at maintaining a healthy balance between work activity and family size.