04 November 2022

Monselice plant hosts MINERALS, exhibition / contemporary art event

ALIdARTE and Buzzi Unicem renew their collaboration by relaunching the artistic-cultural project "The Factory, an alternative space for culture" started back in 2021.

The opening performance of MINERALS, an Exhibition of Contemporary Art by the artists Bonghi, Davide Gemmo and Irene Stellin will be held on Sunday, November 6 at 5 p.m. at the Monselice plant.

MINERALS stems from the need to bring art into dialogue with the corporate world, in the wake of the activities carried out by the 'cultural association that focuses on promoting and valorizing local  artists.

The collective exhibition made up of young artists narrates the many-sided reality of contemporaneity through three ways of acting that communicate through their differences.

Bonghi employs a figurative vision, using details and particulars that are not always recognizable and arise from personal recollection; he draws on his own images and insights with the intention of evoking moments and emotions that touch on the collective memory and past.

Davide Gemmo presents himself with an eclectic approach to visual arts, switching between narrative images and large-format canvases created by using recycled materials: images of times and places distant from each other intertwine, creating a patchwork fresco of the collective imagination.

Irene Stellin carries out a three-dimensional to two-dimensional search on what presents itself as the first lining of the body, objects and masses: the skin. The question that moves her pictorial investigation originates from the meaning of the concept "skin" in relation to the external world.

Three ways of moving matter that are distant enough to enable a dialogue between the figurative and abstraction. Three voices that, when put together by an algorithm, generate an aggregate of common forms and painted backgrounds, a grid that reveals itself coherently thanks to randomness.

For the November 6 performance, the area set up inside the Buzzi Unicem Plant will become the scene for one evening of an open-air art performance in which colors, installations and music will blend together.  

The opening will also feature visual installations and video projections by the artist Alberto De Monte.

At the end of the evening, there will be an aperitif for all those present.

The exhibition will be open for visits on November 6. After that, from November 7 to January 31, visits will be possible with prior reservation (by sending an e-mail to on weekdays only, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m..