New Technical Standards for Construction: instructions for use
07 March 2018

New Technical Standards for Construction: instructions for use

On 2 March, Unical and the INGENIO firm organized a conference on the new Technical Standards for Construction (NTC) 2018 in Turin.
Sponsored by the National Association of Building Contractors of Turin (ANCE) and the Order of Engineers of Turin, the event opened with a message of greetings from Antonio Mattio, president of ANCE Turin, and Giulio Ramo Vaudano and Alessio Toneguzzo of the Order of Engineers of Turin. 
During the first part of the conference, Eng. Giovanni Cardinale, one of the creators of the NTC 2018, commented on the new regulations, followed by Prof. Francesco Biasioli who focused briefly on the importance of specifications and control in the world of concrete. Lastly, Unical reported on the new “concrete structure charts”: detailed technical instructions on how to build the main structural components. The “concrete structure charts” are also aimed at professionals and companies to help guide them in choosing the most suitable materials and provide instructions on how to correctly manage deliveries on site. During the second half of the conference, producers, builders and designers tackled the topic of collaboration, which is essential to ensure that an effective project can also result in a job well done. The meeting concluded in the evening to the full satisfaction of all the participants.