Nuovo Rocket 200-2H

Nuovo Rocket 200-2H is a ready-to-use, fiber-reinforced mortar suitable also for preparing rapid-hardening and controlled-shrinkage grouts to be used for the partial reconstruction of roads, airport runways, and railway or tramway beds that need to be re-opened to traffic within a few hours. When mixed with the appropriate amount of water, the consistency of the product can vary from plastic to fluid and the product remains workable for approximately 15-20 minutes, which is usually enough time to place it. Subsequently, the product rapidly develops mechanical strengths (>20 Mpa at 2 hours), allowing cars to quickly circulate once again. Nuovo Rocket 200-2H meets the requirements of UNI 11256 standard “Guideline for the installation for gully tops and manhole tops for pedestrian and/or vehicular areas”.


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Via Monte Santo, 10
13039 Trino (VC)
phone 800 075315


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