08 February 2022

Fanna Cement Plant – Information on the notices of conclusion of the preliminary investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Trieste

Within the context of a more extensive investigation concerning an alleged illegal waste management carried out by subjects external to the Company, the Trieste Public Prosecutor's Office notified the current and previous Director of the Fanna Plant and the Managing Directors of Buzzi Unicem of a notice of conclusion of preliminary investigations, relating to alleged environmental violations associated with the delivery of Solid Secondary Fuel to the Fanna Plant (PN) [1].

Specifically, there are allegations of non-compliance of the material in connection with the authorization granted to the Fanna Plant. According to the reconstruction carried out by the Carabinieri of the NOE of Udine, to be confirmed by the Courts, the irregularity would seem to be ascribable to an acceptance parameter of the material - no longer required by national legislation - which would not have been complied with by the analyses carried out by the CSS producer, before being delivered to the cement plant.

Buzzi Unicem reaffirms its commitment to strict compliance with environmental regulations and, while fully cooperating with the Judicial Authority in the investigation underway, will proceed with all the checks deemed necessary to ensure such compliance, both by its own corporate structures and by third parties working with Buzzi Unicem. Please note that, as reported in some articles that appeared in the press, that there is no involvement of the Monselice plant or of its local representatives in this matter.


[1] Solid Secondary Fuel constitutes a sustainable and environmentally sound practice, recognized by the BAT (Best Available Techniques) of the sector and used on a large scale in Europe. CSS is an alternative to fossil fuels in the cement production cycle thanks to its caloric contribution and has been shown to achieve a reduction of up to 50% of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions related to combustion, in line with EU targets for ecological transition.