10 February 2022

Guidonia cement plant, start of discussions for the use of recycled fuels

The Buzzi Unicem plant in Guidonia, with regard to the possibility of using fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels, suited to significantly reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) resulting from combustion, up to a 50% reduction, hereby communicates that it has initiated discussions with the Lazio Region, as the competent body, in order to verify the possibility of changing the current authorization structure of the plant. The Municipality has been duly informed of this interest.

Specifically, the company intends to assess in the future the possibility of using this fuel, in the form of "CSS end-of-waste", as a high quality product, constantly checked and ideal for providing the heat needed for the cement production cycle.

The use of fuels containing biomass instead of fossil fuels is acknowledged in the industrial and energy sectors as one of the levers needed to achieve the decarbonisation targets set by Europe and Italy.

This practice has been in use for many years at various plants of the Buzzi Unicem Group, in Italy and abroad, with positive results both in environmental terms, in light of data systematically checked by the relevant supervisory bodies, and in terms of economic and social sustainability. There are also many third-party scientific studies that confirm these results.

As has been the case in recent years, Buzzi Unicem is always ready to discuss and illustrate the cement production cycle, the use of different fuels and the opportunities associated with these practices to anyone who is interested in finding out more about this issue.

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