Type II/A-LL 42,5 R

The percentages indicated do not include additions of calcium sulfate and additives. Known for its rapid early strength development, the cement conforms to the harmonized European standard EN 197/1 and displays the CE marking as required by European regulation 305/2011 (CPR).

Chemical characteristics

Parameter Test method Indicative values (1) Specified characteristic limits
Sulfates (SO 3 ) EN 196/2 <3,7% <=4,0%
Chlorides (Cl -) EN 196/2 <0,08% <=0,10%
Water-soluble chromium VI EN 196/10 <=2 ppm <=2 ppm


Physical/mechanical characteristics

Parameter Test method Indicative values (1) Specified characteristic limits
Blaine specific surface  EN 196/6 3100-4500 cm2/g  
Initial setting time EN 196/3 >130 min >=60 min

Volume stability

EN 196/3 <=10 mm <=10 mm
Flow test UNI 7044 >80%  
Compressive strength after curing for EN 196/1    

2 days

  >25,0 MPa >=20,0 MPa
28 days   >47,0 MPa >=42,5 MPa


(1) The values represent the level above (or below) the reasonably expected median values for the parameters indicated of BUZZI UNICEM cements belonging to the type and class named in the headers. These values are calculated on a yearly basis and take into account internal self-inspection data.

Current applications

  • Standard and non-standard reinforced concrete for works requiring significant early and final strengths
  • Concrete for prefabricated and/or prestressed structures requiring formwork removal shortly after pouring
  • Concrete for pouring structural facades
  • Concrete with good pumpability and workability, also in case of absence of fine particles in the aggregate
  • Concrete poured at a low ambient temperature (5-10°C)


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