Oil Well Cement

Oil well cement is obtained from Portland clinker that is highly resistant to sulfates and has a low alkali content, with only calcium sulfate added as a setting regulator (classes G).

These are “pure” Portland cements but their characteristics are according to ISO/API specifications and therefore are quite different from standard construction cements. To test them, special, complex equipment is used to replicate the temperature and pressure conditions of deep wells.

Oil well cements comply with the following standards:

  • International ISO / API SPEC 10 A - 25th edition - March 2019
  • International ISO / API SPEC Q1 - 9th edition - June 2014
  • European UNI EN ISO 10426-1:2010

Current applications

The special chemical-mineralogical composition of oil well cement ensures the following characteristics:
- High resistance to water containing selenium
- High resistance to liquids or fumes containing sulfuric acid
- Stability of the injection grouts to ensure the homogeneity of the well sedimentation column
- Compatibility with the additives
- Constant thickening times and fluidity of the injection grouts  
- Support to the metal reinforcement of the well during the initial pouring phases


Production and distribution structure

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