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Robilante and Vernasca attain the Integrated Environmental Permit
29 November 2007

Robilante and Vernasca attain the Integrated Environmental Permit

We are pleased to inform you that two Italian cement plants have successfully attained the new Integrated Environmental Permit (IEP): Robilante (Cuneo) and Vernasca (Piacenza). The authorization procedure, which foresees the direct participation of the stakeholders, came to a positive conclusion with the granting of the IEPs by the Provincial Governments of Cuneo and Piacenza respectively to the Robilante cement plant (no. 1108 on 29 October 2007) and the Vernasca cement plant (no. 2169 on 31 October 2007).
Italy ratified the guiding principles of the European Directive 96/61/EC regarding the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Law (IPPC) with Legislative Decree 372/1999 first and subsequently with Legislative Decree 59/2005. These regulatory requirements involve cement plants with a production of over 500 tons of clinker per day.
The purpose of the new EC regulatory framework is to roll into one single authoritative standard all the technical-managerial measures aimed at preventing and controlling the various environmental influences, assessed with a proactive and integrated approach to eco-compatibility (Integrated Environmental Permit or IEP).
The fundamental prerequisite for conferring the IEP is therefore to achieve a high level of overall environmental protection, which is obtained by identifying the Best Available Techniques (BAT) applicable to the cement sector and establishing effective, economically sustainable measures to minimize the consumption of natural and energy resources, waste production, emissions (into the air, water and ground) and sound levels, as well as implementing systematic audits to ensure that the performance standards are being met and to keep the most important environmental aspects under constant control.

Available online the fourth edition of the Sustainability Report
05 July 2007

Available online the fourth edition of the Sustainability Report

The publication - following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines - witnesses the ability of Buzzi Unicem to promote a more responsible corporate culture and it is the result of a deep process within the company, targeted to address actions and information in an ongoing document, effective instrument toward continuous improvement.
The Sustainability Report 2006 presents the social, environmental and economical performances linked to the activities of the group within its countries of operation, in line with the approach of previous years. The structure of the contents follows the logic of continuous and progressive refinement, recording into 2006 a wider perimeter of analysis, such to allow our stakeholders to become more and more aware on the state of art of our commitment towards the environment, land and community.

100 years of Buzzi Unicem
24 May 2007

100 years of Buzzi Unicem

Buzzi Unicem marked the 100 year anniversary of its founding with a two-day celebration held on Friday and Saturday, 11 and 12 May, paying tribute to the history and dedication of the company.
Friday was devoted to the Shareholders’ Meeting and a convivial meeting with the employees of Casale Monferrato, while a private ceremony with approximately 400 guests was held on Saturday. Both events took place outdoors in beautiful structures that were specially erected for the occasion at our headquarters on via Luigi Buzzi.
One large gazebo was set up with 41 tables, each bearing the name of one of the group’s 41 plants dispersed throughout Italy, Europe and the Americas.
Guido Daniele, a designer and hyperrealist illustrator who has worked in the publishing and advertising world for many years, created a 160 sq. mt. mural on a wall opposite the offices.  The mural depicts the cement plants of yesterday, today and tomorrow and, with a touch of color, aptly complements the “historical and technological park” of gardens next to the head office.

20 years of Consulta
21 May 2007

20 years of Consulta

In 1987, a number of companies and organizations in Turin came together to form the “Consulta per la Valorizzazione dei Beni Artistici e Culturali di Torino” with the aim of helping improve the city’s cultural and artistic heritage situation, very critical at that time. The 28 members of Consulta today include leading companies from the finance, credit and insurance sectors and many of the largest industrial and services firms located in the subalpine area, including Buzzi Unicem.
During its 20 years of existence, Consulta has completed 20 projects, invested 16 million euros, and employed over one million hours of labor performed by scholars, restorers and professionals on behalf of the city’s main monuments, establishing at the same time a constructive relationship with the public institutions and regional boards that are charged with conserving them.
The restoration work performed throughout these 20 years has involved monuments, palaces and fountains such as the Palazzo Carignano (Carignano Palace), the Vittorio Emanuele II (Victor Emanuel II) monument, the Palazzo dell’Università (University Palace), the railing around the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace), the churches in the Piazza San Carlo and the fountains in the Piazza CLN.  The restoration work planned for 2007-2008 include the Quattro Stagioni (Four Seasons) statues in the gardens of the Palazzo Reale and the 10 tapestries depicting the stories of Artemisia which will be located at Palazzo Chiablese (Chiablese Palace), plus the completion of several projects such as the relocation of the Galleria Sabauda (Sabauda Gallery) in the Palazzo Reale and the restoration of the Planisfero di Torino, a 16th century nautical map attributed to the grandson of Amerigo Vespucci.
The Consulta of Turin is a unique organization in our Country thanks to the success of the projects undertaken and the commitment of its members who received special recognition from the city of Turin during a ceremony held in the Sala del Consiglio Comunale of the Palazzo Civico (townhall) on 9 May 2007.