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23 May 2014

The sustainability report 2013 is online

The 2013 sustainability report was presented together with the Annual report 2013 at the shareholders’ meeting held on May 9th 2014. The report contains the social, environmental and economic indicators referred to the year 2013. All the indicators are disclosed according to the GRI guidelines.
As per the previous editions the report contains a group disclosure and highlights on Italy and meets the A+ standards of GRI.
The report was drawn up and printed both in Italian and in English.

29 April 2014

Safety is always at the forefront

The path undertaken by Buzzi Unicem over 10 years ago to develop modern, integrated environmental and safety management systems reached another important milestone at the beginning of April, when the Barletta cement plant was awarded the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certification by ICMQ.
This achievement was possible thanks to the commitment and full collaboration of all our local colleagues, who were able to accomplish the goal through efficient planning and careful participation. Besides the Buzzi Unicem employees, the certification also involved the external entities rendering their services at the plant, which shared the company’s choice to improve the already high occupational safety standards of the workplace.