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12 October 2015

The 50th anniversary of the Robilante Cement Plant

The Robilante cement plant celebrated its 50th anniversary on Saturday, 19 September 2015, with a day dedicated to all those who work, have worked, built, designed and helped grow the plant over the years.
The day kicked off with the lighting of a blue and garnet-colored flame, with the blue representing Buzzi Unicem and the garnet to commemorate PRESA cements, the company that gave rise to the cement plant and where Chairman Enrico Buzzi and Honorary Chairman Sandro Buzzi were at the forefront working as young engineers at the time.
There were many emotional moments during the speeches as colleagues and former colleagues were remembered, mindful of the fact that an important milestone has been reached thanks to the dedication and sacrifice of everyone.  
Besides the more than 670 current and former employees and family members who attended the event, the Mayor of Robilante Massimo Burzi together with Councillor Loredana Casu, the Mayor of Roaschia Bruno Viale together with Deputy Mayor Grazziella Viale, the Mayor of Roccavione Germana Avena together with Deputy Mayor Franco Rabino and Councillor Rudi Medicato were also present.
The festivities continued in the afternoon with guided tours of the plant and entertainment for the children.
The 50 years of Robilante mark an important moment in the history of Buzzi Unicem and for the community that has grown beside the plant from 1965 to today.

28 September 2015

Buzzi Unicem and Unical at the SAIE of Bologna

Once again this year, Buzzi Unicem will attend the renowned international building exhibition SAIE in Bologna from 14 to 17 October 2015. 
Buzzi Unicem will exhibit together with Unical in the Federbeton area at Hall 25 stand B11, displaying Next, the first sulfoaluminate cement to receive CE marking in Europe, and the well-known Solidur and Rocket products.  Unical will present the Unical Smart offering model, the H2NO system, the seal of assurance of the company’s conduct, and various product applications.

04 September 2015

Buzzi Unicem at RemTech 2015

Buzzi Unicem will attend the RemTech Expo – Remediation Technologies – for the ninth consecutive year.  The tradeshow, which will be held in Ferrara from 23-25 September, is the most important event in Italy dedicated to the reclamation of contaminated sites, as well as the protection and redevelopment of the territory.  Our exhibition stand (approximately 20 sq. mt.) will feature the SOLIDUR® line of products.

SOLIDUR® is a ready-mix, ready-to-use special product used to prepare self-hardening plastic mixtures that have been mainly designed for environmental reclamation purposes.  Visitors to our stand will find technical documentation, a representation of a construction site for securing a rubbish tip, and of course all the help they need to find out more about their topics of interest.

08 June 2015

Buzzi Unicem at the Italian Fencing Championships

Buzzi Unicem has welcomed the invitation by the organizing committee to become a sponsor of the Italian National and Paralympic Fencing Championships, which will be held at the Palaruffini in Turin from 12 to 15 June 2015. 
The competition is reserved to the top 40 male and female fencers from each discipline (foil, epee and sabre), among whom the famous Italian medal winners both at the Olympic and Paralymnpic Games. It is worth mentioning that five athletes born and raised in Casale Monferrato, where Buzzi Unicem is headquartered, were able to qualify for the epee title: Andrea Baroglio, Lorenzo Buzzi and Luca Ferraris (men's), Sofia Auxilia and Sara Carpegna (women’s); this is indeed quite a unique case.
The event will serve as a vehicle to promote and attract new participants to this fascinating sport, in which Italy has won 121 Olympic medals (much more than in any other sport) and continues to reign supreme in the international arena.

But the story does not end here. Buzzi Unicem also took up the challenge of placing its own product at the service of sport: cement, a well known material for its ductility and strength, will be used to take palm prints of the winners. The autographed tiles will constitute a wall of fame to be auctioned off, with the proceeds donated to charity. For the prize giving ceremony, Buzzi Unicem decided to involve Momaboma, a partner with whom we have been sharing our sustainability efforts since many years. On such an occasion Momaboma has fabricated for the athletes some pieces of its romantic accessories collection, made from recycled cement bags that otherwise would have been disposed of as paper waste.

15 May 2015

Online the Sustainability Report 2014

At the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, held on May 8, 2015 , the Sustainability Report 2014 was officially presented. The report discloses the performance of the company in accordance with the GRI guidelines (Global Reporting Initiative), with specific reference to the social, environmental and economic indicators. The report conforms to the GRI A+ , and was drawn up and printed in two languages (Italian and English). The Italian version contains a special section that highlights the issues that affect our country.

26 February 2015

Northeastern Italy: an important step towards the future

Our agreement with the Austrian Wietersdorfer group, which became effective on 1 August 2014, has led to a significant reorganization of our industrial operations and role in the northeastern regions of Italy. 
Buzzi Unicem transferred the Cadola (BL) plant to Wietersdorfer in exchange for a 25% share in Salonit Anhovo, which has a very large plant a few kilometers across the border in Slovenia that benefited from an 80 million euro investment a few years ago to increase production capacity and perform technology upgrades. 
Buzzi Unicem’s agreement with Wietersdorfer also includes a 25% share in the capital of W&P Italia, which owns the grinding center in S. Vito al Tagliamento and now the Cadola plant (see above). 
The Anhovo cement plant has a production capacity of 1.3 million tons/year and is distinguished for its modernity, efficiency and competitiveness thanks to the large-scale use of alternative fuels as opposed to traditional fuels. The agreement allows Buzzi Unicem to maintain an indirect presence in both Triveneto and Slovenia together with the leading company in the market, and offers advantages in terms of logistics, technological integration, product offerings and customer service.