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01 December 2016

Open day at Augusta

The Augusta plant (Siracusa) opened its doors to a number of youngsters, for the most part children of employees, so that they could spend a day at the cement plant.  Plant manager Giovanni Caire welcomed the children and gave them a brief overview of the cement production cycle.  The first visit of the day was to the Laboratory, where the supervisor described which tests and how many are performed on the raw materials, clinker, fuels and the end product.  This was followed by a tour of the Control Room, coal depot, kiln, burner and substation, and also included a discussion on safety and the importance of PPE (personal protective equipment).  
At the end of the visit, the children were unanimous in their opinion: “We never would have thought that so much technology and professionalism went into a bag of cement!”   

17 November 2016

Buzzi Unicem returns to the Idea Factory – SAIE 2016

Buzzi Unicem renewed its presence at the 2016 edition of the recently concluded SAIE.  Once again, the company exhibited with a stand in the Federbeton area (federation of cement, concrete and basic construction materials associations).  The association renewed its commitment with SAIE through the so-called Idea Factory, by now a well-known event featuring important discussions between various representatives from the institutional, industrial and technical sectors on the future of construction, as well as technological and ecological innovation associated with the sustainability and safety of the territory.  The next edition of SAIE will be in 2018.

13 May 2016

Heropean Fencers 2016 at Casale Monferrato

From 17 to 22 May, Casale Monferrato will host the Wheelchair Fencing European Championship, the last qualification event for the Rio 2016 Paralympics.
Some 200 fencers from 17 different countries will be competing in the event. The 12 athletes on the Italian team, the largest in the competition, are already here in our city for training camp. They include Beatrice Vio, 2014 European champion in category B and 2015 world champion; Loredana Triglia and Andreea Ionela Mogos for women’s foil; Alessio Sarri, bronze medal winner at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and one of the protagonists of men’s sabre category B; and Matteo Betti, also a bronze medal winner at the London 2012 Paralympics. The matches will take place at the PalaFiere and will be broadcast by RAI Sport.
Buzzi Unicem, which has always had a close bond with the city where its headquarters are located, appreciates and supports this event, which conveys important social and educational values.

22 January 2016

SOLIDUR, a key player in SIN reclamation projects

The Ing. E. Mantovani construction company of Padua chose Buzzi Unicem and its SOLIDUR, a ready-to-use product for self-hardening plastic mixtures for the reclamation of the Vallone Moranzani landfill, designated as a Site of National Interest (SIN) within the municipal territory of Venice. 
The project involves the construction of a new landfill plant for non-hazardous waste and stable non-reactive hazardous waste above three former brownfields. The disposal capacity of the new landfill will be more than 2,000,000 m3. The diaphragm wall work began in 2014 and will most likely be completed by the end of April 2016. 
The impermeable plastic diaphragm wall is 80 cm thick anchored at variable depths and is made using the SOLIDUR 274 SPECIALE mixture with a density of 1.20 g/cm3, composed of cementitious mineral  binders, clay and bentonitic components and special mineral additions. 
Approximately 50,000 m3 of self-hardening plastic mix using 16,000 tons of SOLIDUR 274 SPECIALE will be used to build the wall.