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Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world and has been produced since Roman times. Today, concrete guarantees mechanical strength and durability at competitive construction costs, and since it is made with components that are available almost everywhere it now serves as the base of all construction, ranging from large works such as bridges, roads, dams and skyscrapers to our homes, not only as a structural component but also often as an architectural element.

There is not a unique concrete, rather, the development of technologies and our increased knowledge of its constituent materials have led to the addition of multiple other features over the last few years, allowing the ready-mix concrete companies within the Buzzi Unicem group to meet any performance and technological requirements demanded by our customers, designers and construction companies.
The fact that these companies all belong to the same group also allows for the exchange of know-how and the development of high-performance products that offer greater added value and are ideal for every market in which we operate.

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