Attestazione di conformità dei cementi - heading


Conformity of cements

Buzzi Unicem uses the services of accredited Notified Bodies such as ITC-CNR and Tecno Piemonte to obtain CE marking and perform constancy of performance assessments for its cements in Italy. Archives containing the certification reports of many cements produced in Italy and abroad can be freely accessed on their websites.

The CE marking indicates that the cement complies with a harmonized European standard (EN 197-1) and allows the properly designed and built structure or element in which it is used to meet the key requirements laid down by the European Regulation for construction products No. 305/2011 (CPR).

The Regulation also introduced the adoption of the Declaration of Performance (DoP), a document prepared by the manufacturer containing the key characteristics of the product and the identification details of the manufacturer.

A cement with CE marking that has been audited by an accredited Notified Body can be used in all EU countries without the need for further controls (principle of free movement of goods).

Following the example of cement, CE marking has now become mandatory for many other building materials.