Dialogo con il territorio


Dialog with the territory

Dialoguing with the territory means “involving the stakeholders”, namely the people who live in the territories where our plants operate. Although it is not always easy to put ourselves in the shoes of an ordinary citizen who wants information on the nature and consequences (economic, environmental and social) of our production processes, we are fundamentally committed to establishing an active dialog with these stakeholders. 
Several years ago, Buzzi Unicem created the role of Stakeholder Relations Manager whose function, together with the Plant Directors and Cemento Italia Management, is to listen to, meet with and provide information to the territories, as well as establish collaborations with organizations, associations, non-profits, and schools (school-work rotation projects), and offering their expertise at the service of the communities.
The company is available at any time to contact anyone who would like to discuss and further their knowledge about the cement production cycle or would like answers to their legitimate questions. 
Simply send an email to
dialogoterritorio@buzziunicem.it and we will contact you to respond to your requests.