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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Recognizing that sustainability is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor, Buzzi Unicem believes that the environmental impacts of our products must be accurately assessed so that we can develop more environmentally friendly construction solutions and achieve sustainable growth.

With the Environmental Product Declaration, a document foreseen by the European Union’s environmental policies (Green Public Procurement, GPP),  the environmental impacts of products and services can be communicated in an objective, comparable and credible manner.

In order to comply with new regulatory requirements, such as the Minimum Environmental Criteria (MEC) for public works in Italy, as well as meet the new needs of the market, Buzzi Unicem has developed a certified digital tool for its products that is also available to its customers. This tool can be used to assess the environmental impacts of our entire product range in accordance with the specific regulations of the sector.

The application developed by Buzzi Unicem can be used to verify the environmental impacts of our products quickly and easily, and has also been certified by the ICMQ S.p.A. institute. 

The advantages of using the EPD WEB platform include the following:

  • The tool is easy and practical to use
  • Proof of the impacts “to gate” of our products already verified and certified
  • Standardized and certified calculation methods that help reduce the impact of research, validation and certification costs of our production process
  • Confidentiality of sensitive data 

The Environmental Product Declarations for Buzzi Unicem and Unical products can be downloaded from the PRODUCTS-EPD section of our website.

To use the EPD WEB, please click on the link epd.buzziunicem.it and submit a request for access.