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CGreen Cement

CGreen is our family of products with a lower environmental impact that have been formulated to uphold the principles of sustainability and offer the best construction solutions, in keeping with the latest environmental standards.

All our cements are validated by Environmental Product Declarations through the EPD certification system, ensuring the transparency of certain information and quantifying their impacts accordingly.

Using the Global Warming Potential (GWP) indicator which denotes the carbon footprint of every single binder as a starting point, our best environmentally performing products have now been placed within the CGreen line.

Already part of our offering, some of these products have different workability attributes making them ideal for specific uses and which can be expanded to many other applications by following the directions and optimizing the mix design, together with support from our sales network and technical assistants.  

The CGreen line is subdivided based on the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain process, in accordance with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) principles as follows:

Classification of the recycled content

From now on, every cement produced will also state its recycled content regardless of whether it belongs to the CGreen line or not, to help improve the circularity indicators of bagged concrete and the construction solutions that use our cements in general.

> Please check our CGreen cement data sheet