Open Doors at the Oasis

On Sunday, 22 September, the Ceretto recreational botanical Oasis will open its doors to groups, schools, families and the simply curious who are interested in visiting our site.
The mining activities, which involve extracting materials from below the water table, have allowed us to create numerous lakes whose environments are maintained and developed for their naturalistic potential and to provide educational activities about the environment, which were initiated 30 years ago.  
On Sunday, visitors will be able to explore the Oasis with our guides, take part in workshops for school children who visit us during the year, and take a tour of the aggregates production plant led by our coworkers. The event will include a photo exhibit of the most evocative images of the Ceretto, and horseback rides for children organized by the stable that is collaborating with us on the educational activities. 
The tours and educational activities are completely free of charge.