12 May 2020

Green deal: 110 aziende italiane sfidano la pandemia del Covid-19

Italian companies, heavily hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, have launched an initiative to revive the green economy

110 companies and business organizations have, to date, signed the manifesto "Emerge from the pandemic with a new Green Deal for Italy” promoted by the Foundation for Sustainable Development, signing a text that promotes the revival of the economy and stresses the need to adopt measures to make businesses, health systems and the national economy able to address new critical issues, from pandemics to the severe climate crisis.

Under the new and much more serious conditions created by the pandemic, the European Recovery Plan, which aims to mobilize substantial Community funding, should recast and relaunch the ambitious European project for an advanced, less carbon-intensive and more circular economy with a Green Deal.

According to the manifesto, a new Green Deal is the way forward for a stronger and lasting recovery that unleashes all of Italy's potential: the potential related to quality production; potential in the areas where the country has achieved levels of excellence, such as waste recycling, pillar of the circular economy, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources; the potential of our sustainable agriculture model and other activities of the regenerative bioeconomy; the potential of cities to be relaunched with a vast urban regeneration program in a green key; the potential of important natural capital, necessary for the revival of various sectors like tourism; the potential for a transition to low emissions and alternative fuels for decarbonized, electric and shared mobility and the potential of digital innovation.

For the cement and concrete industry, the manifesto was signed by Engineer Roberto Callieri representing Aitec and Federbeton. 

Those who wish to join this initiative can do so at the website, and the manifesto with the first 110 signatories will be sent to the government and to the majority and opposition parliamentarians, as well as to representatives of the European institutions.