03 June 2020

The TAGCEM Master in advanced techniques for the management of cement plants has just started

The TagCem Master started on May 25, 2020. The 14 apprentices involved in this initiative will follow a program which will include work, training and project activities developed by our Company and the Polytechnic of Turin.
In the next 24 months, also thanks to the collaboration with the Polytechnic, the 14 apprentices will be the protagonists of a program of advanced training which will range from production, to maintenance, quality, ecology, environment and safety, the main topics, all developed with an interdisciplinary approach. 
The training staff is composed of an internal team and some Polytechnic teachers. Teaching includes lectures, learning by doing and project work, as well as in-depth visits to Italian plants where the apprentices will develop specific projects. 
Thanks to this theoretical and practical program, apprentices will acquire a wealth of knowledge they will exploit in different professional situations and usable in various organizational roles at Buzzi Unicem.