13 November 2019

Work as a tool for social inclusion

Buzzi Unicem, the Region of PiedmontSocial Welfare Consortium of Cuneo, the Region of VenetoULSS (local health unit) 6 Euganea, and the Region of Lazio – CPI Center for Mental Health Center, have signed protocols of understanding to promote policies of social inclusion aimed at increasing the confidence levels of people who may feel socially marginalized.
Buzzi Unicem plays an active role in the course of treatment of disadvantaged people who would like to seek social integration through work
. By spending time within our company, the beneficiaries of the program will increase their store of knowledge and skills in the hope that it will lead to a stable job, even outside the company, once the internship has been completed. Each internship is covered by an agreement and an Individual Training Plan, which establishes the terms and timeframes of the internship itself.
Buzzi Unicem has committed to this program to help the beneficiaries become more active in their social life, help them face their everyday life with a new awareness and improve their social and family relationships.