03 August 2020

Renewal of the "Albarola mine" concession

From the article published on February 7, 2021 Buzzi Unicem notes that the content, although based on some data published in the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), is not supported by a representative photographic image of the condition of the premises, nor even less by a real project rendering produced by the Company.

As indicated in the EIA petition, the environmental reclamation of the mine is based on a scientific study that takes into consideration the intrinsic qualities of the landscape and local environments and the peculiarities of the Albarola site to be restored, according to a technical, multi-disciplinary and systemic approach.

Buzzi Unicem underlines how the mine reclamation project aims, besides achieving the gradual reintegration of the area into the territorial context, to increase the degree of biodiversity and the naturalistic value with the planting of more than 20,000 autochthonous plants and the creation of a new hill morphology which is fully compatible with the overall picture.

The main actions of environmental reclamation, as foreseen at the project level, concern the optimal inclusion of the new morphology in the surrounding territorial context, the use of reclamation techniques with absolutely no impact, the creation of large wooded areas and the restitution of the reclaimed area to the local community, consequently making it available for public use.