"Family & Friends" Open Day - Buzzi Unicem Italia


"Family & Friends" Open Day

Through the "Family & Friends" Open Day events, our Italian cement plants experience the open days dedicated to our employees, families, friends and acquaintances together with the territories in which they operate. On these occasions, everyone has the opportunity to take a detailed tour of all parts of the plant, participate in discussions on topics such as the waste management cycle, the energy recovery of urban solid waste, how the cement sector contributes to the circular economy, the implications of emissions and fall-outs on the territory, as well as receive information on the most recent innovations in the cement sector and their applications.
Educational games and workshops for youngsters involve current issues, such as how to separate and properly recycle waste, as well as the importance of a proper, healthy diet.

Video Open Day Vernasca

Video Open Day Guidonia

Video Open Day Augusta