To further increase the integration of our activities in the territories where our various production sites and plants are located, we plan to establish partnerships with the cultural, sporting, social, scholastic and civic organizations in these localities by offering them the services of our facilities, expertise and human resources.

We will accomplish this goal by implementing specifically agreed-upon medium- and long-term initiatives that will unite the company and its stakeholders in a series of measures involving cultural activities, architectural restoration, environmental and social sustainability, educational mentorship, as well as raising awareness among the citizenry of the important role played by the circular economy in protecting the earth’s resources and limiting the impact of human activity.

We count on being able to successfully initiate and complete these projects not just by providing financial support, but primarily by offering the intellectual and operational expertise gained through our on-the-ground experience and daily undertakings with our stakeholders, thus creating a genuine, tangible bond between a cement manufacturer and the beneficiaries of the projects themselves.