Buzzi Unicem launches the new Portland 32.5 cement
05 March 2021

Buzzi Unicem launches the new Portland 32.5 cement "Lea a mie ca so sardu che a tie"

The Buzzi Unicem plant in Siniscola has launched on the market a new formulation of Portland cement CEM II / B – LL 32.5 R. The product, generated from the improvement of a formula already used in the past, uses limestone at “zero kilometer”, thus significantly reducing CO2 emissions related to raw materials transport.

The desire to emphasize the connection with the territory and the protection of the environment has prompted the company to raise the awareness of all employees on this initiative, involving them in an internal communication project, which resulted in a prize contest. The aim of the contest was to package the new cement bag in an original way, introducing a slogan in the Sardinian language into the packaging, to give value to the relationship with territory and to the island tradition.

The winning phrase "Lea a mie ca so sardu che a tie" (buy me who am Sardinian like you) was selected among the many proposals received because it was able to effectively translate a sincere and genuine message and was printed on the front of the new CEM II / B – LL 32.5 R bag.

Buzzi Unicem expressed satisfaction with the participation in this initiative, which further confirms the company's policy in terms of sustainability and safeguard of local communities.

The new cement bag CEM II / B – LL 32.5 R will soon be available on the Sardinian market and will be appreciated by all those who, while continuing to look to quality, also have an eye for new, more responsible solutions