Buzzi Unicem Next

Buzzi Unicem Next is the name of a family of hydraulic binders based on sulfoaluminate clinker, which is obtained by burning a mixture of bauxite, gypsum and limestone at a temperature of around 1,350° C, and then ground.



Next base (CE marking for structural applications)

Binder based on calcium sulfoaluminate and anhydrite, specifically designed to formulate products with low shrinkage and rapid development of  mechanical strength.

Next binder (CE marking for structural applications)

Ready-to-use ternary binder consisting of a combination of sulfoaluminate clinker, anhydrite and Portland cement, and used to produce precast elements, structural concrete and premixes, such as self-leveling screeds, rapid mortars, mortars and reduced-shrinkage concrete.

Next Expansive

Expansive hydraulic binder which increases in volume when added to mortar and concrete.

Next clinker

Calcium sulfoaluminate clinker used as an accelerator for mortars, adhesives and other premix products.


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