Casale Monferrato Headquarters (Alessandria), The cure begins at home

In the face of the COVID-19 emergency, the Fondazione Buzzi Unicem (Buzzi Unicem Foundation) had agreed to fund a pilot, home-based monitoring study in the Casale Monferrato and Turin areas, coordinated by the Istituto Mario Negri (Mario Negri Institute).
The choice of the project is a reflection of the spirit of the Foundation and the Buzzi family to provide a quality, scientifically validated service to help the Piedmont region respond to the ongoing health emergency. 
Patients with COVID-19 symptoms were eligible for the study if their general practitioner, attending physician or the 118 center (emergency health center) had elected not to send them directly to the Emergency Room. These patients were all able to be monitored at home by a team of specifically trained and fully equipped physiotherapists, who checked their respiratory function with an oximeter and subjected them to a “walk test” on a daily basis, and conferred with their doctors if and when they should be hospitalized. 
Under the supervision of Dr. Guido Bertolini, The Crisis Unit at the Mario Negri Institute gathered and processed the data and coordinated the logistics of the entire project. 
The Buzzi Unicem Foundation provided full funding for the initiative. The project was successful with a large number of monitored cases. 


Monselice Plant (Padova), Vicarage of Este with the “Teatrando” project presents "Students and school on the stage"

We are continuing our collaboration with the Vicarage of Este and the “Teatrando” project, which aims to develop the talents of young students in the area, by screening a short film produced by them at the Monselice plant. 
The quality of the work and the rare ability of the young performers to engage the audience in the grammar of audiovisual language in the post-show discussion sparked enthusiastic praise from the audience of students.  
As a result of this enthusiastic reaction, “Teatrando” decided to offer a showing of the short film to several other schools in Monselice.  
In this cultural event, the young students starred in the dual roles of spectator and actor, in accordance with the long-held modus operandi of the “Teatrando” project, aimed at triggering a healthy system of emulation and a process of identification. 
After the screening, the students were able to visit the plant as part of our philosophy of openness towards our communities and the local school catchment area. 


Augusta Plant (Siracusa), Collaboration with the Società Augustana di Storia Patria (National History Society of Augusta)

The partnership initiated between Buzzi Unicem and the Società Augustana di Storia Patria is now official and underway.
Through this agreement, Buzzi Unicem will support cultural and social initiatives in favor of its local communities and will valorize the context in which the company operates, given the plant’s proximity to Megara Iblea, one of the most beautiful archeological sites in the area. 

Barletta Plant (Barletta), Buzzi Unicem supports international music competitions

30th Young Musician International Competition “City of Barletta” 
23rd International Piano Competition "Mauro Paolo Monopoli Prize, 2020 Edition” online

Buzzi Unicem, the non-profit Megamark Foundation, the city of Barletta, the region of Puglia and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, are giving many talented youngsters the opportunity to realize their own dreams. 
As it has done so in the past, Buzzi Unicem’s active participation in these international competitions is a recognition of the contribution of arts to cultural development. Our desire to continue supporting these events creates a true bond between the worlds of art and business that will continue to grow and be a benchmark for the city of Barletta by investing in the younger generations. 


Vernasca Plant (Piacenza), Twinning between Buzzi Unicem Bike Team Robilante and Lugagnano Off Road

For many years, both associations have been working in their respective regions to introduce and train children in the discipline of off-road biking, with support also from FCI certified coaches who handle the young cyclists starting from their very first bike ride as a fun exercise through to the technical/athletic preparation required to participate in races.
At Lugagnano, which endorsed the twinning, the athletes were able to cycle along an itinerary that wound through the hills and surrounding area with picturesque views, steep climbs and technical trails. The Lugagnano Off Road association’s Bike Park also hosted rides full of obstacles and challenging courses. 
The day ended with a visit to the cement plant, where the Director highlighted how sport – cycling in our case – can help promote the sharing of positive experiences and personal development of all of us.