Fanna Plant (PN) – Training course at the plant on use of the defibrillator, held in conjunction with the Italian Red Cross of Maniago and the town of Fanna

The town of Fanna and the Italian Red Cross of Maniago, in conjunction with Buzzi Unicem, offered citizens a training course on how to use a defibrillator. The five-hour course included two hours of theory and three hours of practice, at the end of which participants were awarded a European-wide certificate. Before the course, an informative evening held in the Eldorado room in Fanna was attended by many interested people, including Plant Director Paolo Maggi, who emphasized the importance of these projects for the community and how proud the Company is to be part of it.

The course took place on May 21, 2022, with two medical professionals and several citizens attending.

Robilante Plant (CN) – Valleys in music, including at Buzzi Unicem

Buzzi Unicem participated actively in the "Valleys in music" project as part of the three-year plan of Robilante’s comprehensive school. The school purchased approximately 80 4-octave keyboards to replace the recorders that can no longer be used due to Covid and was thus able to continue the musical project for the third year. With the ending of the pandemic, concerts were organized to thank families for their support and allow students to show off what they have learned. Buzzi Unicem offered the amphitheater at the Luigi Buzzi Social Center for the day of the concert on May 30, when approximately 80 primary and secondary students from Robilante performed in the end-of-year concert before their teachers and families.

Monselice Plant (PD) - Art project "Imaginary Landscapes" with ALIdARTE and ASS. A.D.I. Down Euganea

The "Imaginary Landscapes" project was inspired by the notion of fostering artisanship and imagination using experimental artistic-expressive techniques with boys and girls from the A.D.I. Down association. The workshop took place at the plant and involved crafting recycled materials with the aim of allowing the children to unleash their creativity and express their emotions. With this idea in mind, we established a partnership with Cristina Masiero, an expert in artistic-expressive workshops who has been collaborating with us for several years and sees spaces in the plant that can serve as a suitable environment where activities aimed at the social inclusion of children can be performed. The program of ten 90-minute sessions produced several works between late 2021 and early 2022, including a wall installation that will be permanently placed in the plant. The goal of the project was to implement a program to stimulate the imagination and serve as a vehicle through which children can discover their own creativity, increase their independence and create works that are meaningful for the whole community. This offering stems from our deep conviction that art is a creative force and, most importantly, a means of getting to know oneself and gaining confidence in one's abilities.

Trino Plant (VC) – An afternoon at the Trino cement plant: 2022 edition

This year once again there were two events organized by the Naturalmente Insieme (Naturally Together) project founded by the Buzzi Unicem plant in Trino and the “Tra Cielo e Terra (Between Earth and Sky) voluntary organization”, which is headed by the Oratory of the Cathedral of Casale Monferrato.
Farm Week was held in July at the farmstead in San Giorgio Monferrato: five days of games, activities and workshops for children between the ages of 4 and 12.
The month of October marked the return of "An Afternoon at the Cement Plant," as 40 children alternated between the physical workshop where they made cement molds, the canteen where they baked cookies, an outdoor photo set where they tried on various PPE, and lastly, the visitable spaces of the plant, from the arrival area of the train carrying the clinker to the shipping area.





Robilante Plant (CN) – Focus on environmental restoration and woodland formations for future agricultural experts

As part of the agreement entered in 2019 with the Carlo Ubertini Istituto Professionale per l'Agricoltura in Caluso (TO) (Carlo Ubertini Professional Agricultural School), Buzzi Unicem once again offered the opportunity for two classes from the school to visit the Robilante plant and the Ceretto nature oasis, with a focus mainly on environmental restoration and the surrounding woodland formations by conducting several detailed nature studies exploring both the impact and environmental management of these two activities.

The agreement also included two extra educational days at the school.

Last April, in accordance with the "Management of woodland and mountain resources" guidelines, a IV and V grade class each participated in an educational outing to the Robilante shale quarry. This was the third field trip resulting from our collaboration with the school, which alternates classroom lessons with guided tours.

During the outing, the students learned how the quarry is harvested and then restored, both activities that could be clearly seen from the various viewing points. They then spent the heat of the day in the woods among the chestnut and maple trees, learning about the techniques for improving and balancing the woodlands, which triggered many discussions and ideas with plenty of questions from our future agricultural experts.

Following a picnic lunch, the students went back in the woods and were divided into 10 small groups to simulate an actual study of the vegetation and compile a fact sheet. They were extremely excited since had to apply all the concepts they had learned at school. Twenty magical minutes in which they felt like Indiana Jones on a treasure hunt!


Monselice Plant (PD) – "Space for young people. Artistic eruptions in the city and surroundings" project on 5 and 6 May

Buzzi Unicem was pleased to support the “Space for young people” project developed by the Fantalica cultural association of Padua. The main goal was to promote the regeneration of the Bassa Padova (Lower Padua) area through the creativity of young residents aged between 15 and 25 years. The project kicked off in 2021 with the “Sfide” (Challenges) competition, in which many young people presented their ideas for urban redevelopment projects the best of which were then selected by a jury of experts.

As part of the "Azioni festival" (Actions festival), the Monselice plant welcomed 50 students from the Salesiano Manfredini School in Este on Thursday, 5 May 2022. Accompanied by several teachers, the students toured the plant and saw the entire cement production cycle in the morning, and then in the afternoon met with the photographer Francesco Munaro to discuss the subject of "THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MAN AND NATURE. HOW TO DOCUMENT IT THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY".  The topics for the next day were photography and music, which included the inauguration of a personal photo exhibition of the young artist Stefano Mallqui, which offered a fresh, close and inquisitive look at what this project has achieved for the area since June 2021. After the presentation, there was a short concert from a trio of young musicians from the Il Cenacolo di Villa Estense music academy, established to further the creativity and talents in the area.

Casale Monferrato Headquarters (AL) – Paraboloid cultural artistic project

The VICE VERSA installation was inaugurated in the Paraboloid in Casale Monferrato on Friday afternoon, 20 May. The project is a collaboration between artist Alfredo Pirri, film-maker and musician Pietro Leone, and curator and art critic Helga Marsala. The installation included several colleagues from the Augusta Plant who spent two days as part of this performance art. Sponsored by the Il Cemento cultural association in conjunction with the town of Casale Monferrato, this unique event attracted many people, particularly during the weekend.

Traveling from the Augusta Plant to Casale Monferrato, the VICE VERSA was installed in the Paraboloid, a structure recognized for its historical and architectural value and forging the historic connection between cement and the region. This was an opportunity to start revitalizing and transforming the Paraboloid into a multi-purpose structure and cultural center. Architect Ramello, head of the revitalization project, and Dr. Consolata Buzzi, representing the Il Cemento association, were responsible for designing the development plan over the coming years.

According to Alfredo Pirri and Helga Marsala, to understand the meaning of the artwork we must begin with its origins, where via unbreakable mirrored floors that have been scratched by the steps of performers and large stone catapult balls, reinventing a place characterized by its powerful history and identity and giving its space a different perspective. The concept of 'avant-garde' is highlighted, showing how we must look to the future if we want to understand the past. This work brought together two “stages”, namely the castle and the plant, where the images and sounds that have been compiled immerse us in the two environments and we come out of them with a new perspective, continuously "transitioning from knowing, to understanding, to feeling and vice versa from feeling, to understanding, to knowing".

Buzzi Unicem was a strong proponent of this initiative – concludes Antonio Buzzi – both to highlight a work of art in which our colleagues from the Augusta Plant were directly involved, and to show in a tangible manner how by bringing together their different natures, art and industry can create new spaces for reflection and trigger new feelings, providing food for thought and improvement, as well as opportunities for innovation.

Guidonia Plant (RM) – The Guidonia Cement Plant participates the "Industrial Tourism" itinerary

After the presentation of the project at the BIT in Milan, thanks to our collaborator the Clematis Travel Agency, we were pleased to host a visit from a class of 14 students accompanied by two teachers from the Maestre Pie dell'Addolorata school in Rome.

The two-day tour included a visit to Tivoli, Hadrian's Villa and the Ercole Vincitore Sanctuary on the first day, and on the second day a tour of the cement plant in the morning and the Rodolfo Lanciani museum in Montecelio in the afternoon.

Besides an explanation of the cement production cycle and a tour of the various departments, the students also participated in some hands-on activities in the lab, creating objects in cement mortar which they then took back to school to finish decorating them.

The most fun part of the day was a visit to our small educational farm where they saw the donkeys and goats owned by the farmer on our property, who showed them the art of raising livestock.

Monselice Plant (PD) - "The factory, an alternative venue for culture" witand the MINERALS event

ALIdARTE and Buzzi Unicem have renewed their collaboration by relaunching the artistical-cultural project entitled "The factory, an alternative venue for culture " originated in 2021 with MINERALS.  Here is how the Exhibition of Contemporary Art by the artists Bonghi, Davide Gemmo and Irene Stellin came about.
MINERALS stems from the need to bring art into dialogue with the corporate world, in the wake of the activities carried out by the cultural association, which deals with the promotion and enhancement of local artists. The collective exhibition made up of young artists narrates the multiple reality of contemporaneity through three forms of action that communicate through their dissimilarity, allowing a dialogue between figurative and abstraction.
Bonghi uses a figurative vision, employing details and particulars that are not always recognizable and which originate from personal recollection; he plays on his own images and insights with the intention of evoking moments and emotions that touch memory and the collective past. Davide Gemmo presents himself with an eclectic approach to visual arts, alternating narrative and images on large-size canvases obtained through the use of recycled materials: images of times and places far away from each other intertwine, creating a jagged fresco of the collective imagination.
Irene Stellin carries out a search that goes from the three-dimensional to the two-dimensional by talking about skin, in other words, the first covering of bodies, objects and masses.  The question that drives her pictorial investigation stems from the meaning of the "skin concept" in relation to the outside world.

Guidonia Plant (RM) – “The Shadow of Light” at the PerArtEM exhibition space

At the beginning of November, the PerArtEM exhibition space was inaugurated at the "Mario Verdone" auditorium of the Senior High School located at the address of Via Roma 298 in Guidonia. The exhibition displays the results of projects carried out by students over the past three years, including three works made of concrete constructed outside the school building.

L’Ombra della Luce (The Shadow of Light), Shaping Sunlight & Shadow , is a two-year project carried out in collaboration with the cement plant in the role of partner and sponsor. It consists of three "broken" sundials for each of which as many events to be remembered have been identified: the oral session of the high school graduation exam of Chiara Greco (29 June 2019, 8:00 a.m.), a student at the same high school who died prematurely just two days before; the record of high altitude flight with a propeller (22 October 1938, 9:50 a.m.) by Colonel Mario Pezzi aboard a Caproni Ca.161bis biplane which took off from the Guidonia airport and, lastly, the start of production activities at the Buzzi Unicem cement plant (6 October 1941, 11:30 a.m.). Visit the dedicated website to learn more about the topic:


Robilante Plant (CN) – Night and Notes at the Robilante Cement Plant

At the end of the year, a new partnership project was launched by Buzzi Unicem of Robilante and the association "I concerti diffusi" (The diffused concerts) of the Music Institute of Borgo San Dalmazzo. The period just before Christmas represented the perfect opportunity for a classical music concert. The evening was promoted locally and met with remarkable success, thus setting the right conditions for a series of socio-cultural activities that go beyond the opening hours of the cement plant for visits and are intended to be a truly new way of experiencing the large spaces at the factory, with music being diffused throughout the plant. The newly renovated 50th Anniversary Hall proved to be the ideal setting for the successful outcome of the evening, thanks to its excellent acoustics and a warm Christmassy atmosphere. 
Please visit the website for more information about the String Trio: "Chamber Formation with the Utopia of Improvisation" (Andrea Bertino on the violin, Luca Panicciari on the cello and Giorgio Boffa on the double bass) who performed the concert.

Guidonia Plant (RM) – "Twinning between territories and generations" follow... "Autumn’s gold"

Given the huge success of the previous year, the cultural and sports association ECOS-EUROPE has once again launched the project "Autumn's Gold" with the students of some classes of the Leonardo da Vinci Comprehensive Institute who tried their hand at olive harvesting.
Excitement and plenty of cheerfulness were the backdrop for the children's work, who also got to do outdoor educational activities, decorating small bottles donated to them and filling them with the oil produced at the farm. The young guests spent time drawing and playing group games, wrapping up the day’s activities with a wholesome snack consisting of bread and olive oil from our own production.
The aim of the project was to bring together two apparently distant generations in a typical local activity and to introduce the children to how oil is made, from harvesting to pressing. After leaving the cement plant, all the children went to the oil mill to watch the pressing of the olives.


Casale Headquarters (AL) – High school students from the Sobrero Institute on a visit to the Casale Headquarters

A school morning different than usual for two first classes of the Sobrero Institute in Casale Monferrato: as part of an industrial archaeological trekking activity of cement organized with the local section of the CAI and the association "Il Cemento", one hundred students from the Sobrero Institute (High School of Applied Sciences, Sports High School) were invited to the executive headquarters for a company presentation.

The students and their chaperones were welcomed in front of the video wall for a brief overview of the company's history, its commitment to sustainability, and opportunities to access the Pathways to Transversal Skills and Orientation (PTSO), which the company coded with the High 5 project.

The extracurricular activity ended with a walk through the neighboring technological park and a guided tour of two jewels of Casale's industrial archaeology: the Paraboloid and the Furnasetta.





Monselice Plant (PD) – Buzzi Unicem sponsors the Virtus Basket Padova basketball team on important projects

In March 2022, the Virtus Basket Padova basketball team and Buzzi Unicem entered an important partnership based on their common values, and in which our company has committed to sponsor the black-green club from Padua and actively participate in initiatives planned for the near future.

"Sharing a common passion, we are pleased to be actively involved in an ambitious and innovative project that goes beyond traditional sponsorship, believing in the importance of supporting our children in their growth and development, especially as we emerge from the pandemic situation", commented Antonio Buzzi, Chief Operating Officer of Buzzi Unicem’s Cemento Italia division.

The whole thing kicked off with an evening organized at the Monselice plant to present the project to the local teams, and also inform some of them about the stakeholder engagement policy that Buzzi Unicem has undertaken for several years in various social areas.

The meeting concluded with an important "save the date" for May 29, 2022, on which we organized a Sunday full of sport and fun with the first "AEuganeus Basketball Party". Over one hundred mini-basketball players from various teams in the Lower Padua area participated in the event as they competed throughout the day in a tournament on the four courts set up specifically for them in the bagging department.

As well as watching their children from the stands, the 350+ family members also had an opportunity to visit the plant under the guidance of our staff to learn more about the cement production cycle. A minibus took the adults and children to the raw materials storage areas, the chemical laboratory and the educational kiln.

In the afternoon, our guests also saw two performances by the Tamburini of the Augusta Contrada di Marendole, a drum corps that for several years has won the top award in the historical parade of the Palio di Monselice, and were able to participate in several creative workshops led by the talented Carolina Guzman from the Alidarte Cultural Association, a partner of ours for several years.

All the participants were very appreciative of the event and hospitality provided by the Virtus Basket Padova team and the plant.

The captain of the first team "Antenore Energia Virtus Padova", Federico Schiavon, the playmaker from Umana Reyer Venezia, Andrea De Nicolao, and the president of Assindustria Venetocentro, Leopoldo Destro, attended the event.


The day ended with a quiz on the cement production cycle for the children, a charity basketball shooting competition for the grownups, and a warm goodbye until next year!