03 April 2017

Vernasca Plant, "Building health" Project, Emilia Romagna’s regional plan for prevention

Health promotion and prevention are important factors for the growth of society and the sustainability of wellbeing, the reason why Buzzi Unicem has joined the Building Health project adopted by the Emilia Romagna region, recognizing that intervening on factors such as proper nutrition, reducing alcohol consumption and eliminating tobacco smoke can prevent negative effects on health.

30 September 2017

Augusta Plant, Futuro Solare Onlus Project

The “Futuro Solare Onlus (Solar Future non-profit organization) association participated in the "Family & Friends" Open Day, which took place on 30 September 2017 at our Augusta (Siracusa) plant. At the event, the association presented a low-cost solar car, which is being developed by a group of local engineers who are working together on this important project.

Buzzi Unicem believes it is essential to support research on transportation means that use renewable energy sources such as solar power.


18 March 2017

Vernasca Plant, Educational/Informational Workshop on cyberbullying for teachers and parents

The “Odissea nel web – Viaggio tra la bellezza e i pericoli di internet(Odyssey on the web – a journey through the beauty and dangers of the internet) event took place on 18 March 2017, presented by Prof. Silvia Fontana and the Scuola Secondaria di I Grado (middle school) of Vernasca.

The initiative was conducted in conjunction with Buzzi Unicem and the “Generazioni connesse" (Connected Generations) project to support an awareness and educational campaign on topics about communications on the web, all of which directly involves young people.


Casale Monferrato, Cement in the Identity of Monferrato Casalese

The "Il Cemento nell'Identità del Monferrato Casalese(Cement in the Identity of Monferrato Casalese) non-profit organization was founded in 2006 and consists of public institutions, private firms and individual citizens, with the objective of furthering our knowledge of, and preserving and developing the heritage of the binder products industry (lime and cement) of our territory.

The association is actively involved in scientific collaborations with the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the Polytechnic of Turin, with the goal of cataloguing everything related to the cement industry (buildings, objects, artefacts, quarries) in the region, and choosing the artefacts and sites that are worthy of being preserved, developed and repurposed to keep the traces of this history visible and visitable as a new form of cultural and recreational tourism in the Monferrato Casalese area through the local authorities.

The association also supports cultural initiatives and exhibitions aimed at presenting first-hand accounts in an artistic and documentary form, working in close collaboration with the Buzzi Unicem Historical Archive, which has gathered all the documentation published on this topic in our area since the late 1800s. The archive serves as a memory for people who did not directly experience the transformation of Monferrato from an agricultural to an industrial society, with the goal of keeping the framework of these human and social events alive, including the unique technical and scientific discoveries that took place and the profiles of the leading characters at the time. Buzzi Unicem is a partner of the association.