14 November 2018

Augusta Plant (Siracusa), World Diabetes Day

The Augusta plant organized a blood glucose screening event in conjunction with the A.S.D, Associazione Siracusa Diabetici (A.S.D. Siracusa Diabetes Association). Approximately 90 workers at the plant and employees of outside companies participated in the screening drive, which also included two doctors on hand to discuss topics related to healthy eating and type 2 diabetes.

31 May 2018

Barletta Plant, VIVA-IO Project

As part of the VIVA-IO project , Buzzi Unicem and the Istituto Garrone di Barletta have supplied and inaugurated a large greenhouse set up in the school courtyard, complete with irrigation system, equipment, seeds and pots, so that children with special educational needs can experience activities such as touching the earth with their hands and at the same time improve their social interaction skills.

02 April 2018

Augusta Plant (Siracusa), Integrated Socio-employment Pathways for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors and Young Immigrants in Eastern Sicily

CESVI is a global operation that supports the most vulnerable populations by promoting their human rights, helping them achieve their aspirations, and implementing sustainable development projects. CESVI believes that the recognition of human rights contributes to the wellbeing of everyone on the planet, our shared home that must be protected.

A total of 17,257 new immigrants arrived on the island of Sicily between January and October 2018 (source: Public Security Department). Sicily alone has received more than  40% of all the Unaccompanied Foreign Minors arriving in Italy, and now hosts the largest number of unaccompanied foreign minors in the country (source: Ministry of Labor and Social Policy).

Since 2018, Buzzi Unicem and CESVI have initiated  integrated socio-employment pathways for young immigrants,

a series of measures aimed at facilitating access to training and steady, qualified work through paid internships for 6-12 months at companies in the Siracusa area and at the Buzzi Unicem plant in Augusta.

As a result of this, deep – and hopefully long-lasting – relationships and friendships have developed between the young immigrants and employees of the host companies, who share their experiences and insights.

The project also aims to positively influence other local companies so that this experience does not remain an isolated case but can be a driving force for appropriate social integration that will benefit the entire territory.


02 April 2018

Guidonia Plant (Rome), Istituto Majorana Photography Workshop

Under the guidance of their Pictorial Arts professor and supported by Buzzi Unicem, students from the Istituto Majorana (Majorana Institute) created a series of photographs to showcase the industrial architecture of the Guidonia plant. The students very much appreciated this photography experience, which allowed them to test their artistic skills and see one of the largest manufacturing facilities on their territory from an entirely different view point.

28 November 2018

“Zero Waste” Project - National Conference on Energy Efficiency Organized by Friends of the Earth

The Friends of the Earth Association organized a national conference to help defining the national 2030 energy and climate plan, illustrating good practices and experiences in the efficient use of energy and renewable sources, which represent the technological and industrial excellence of our country (Zero Waste Project).

In this respect, the use of SSF (secondary solid fuel) at the Robilante plant (Cuneo) is an example of the efficient recovery and use of mixed municipal waste after it has been appropriately treated. The use of SSF reduces the environmental impacts and CO2 emissions of the plant.

27 October 2018

Robilante Plant (Cuneo), Open Plants in Piedmont

The Open Plants in Piedmont initiative was intended for residents who wished to visit industrial sites in the region, giving them an opportunity to go directly inside the production facilities for an engaging and immersive tour.

The exceptional opening of the plants allowed visitors to learn about the history of the companies, the production processes and the various manufacturing stages. It was also an opportunity for visitors to see first-hand how much technological innovation has transformed industries during recent years, preparing companies to face an evolving market and the challenges of the future while still remaining tied to the territory.

Eighty people visited the Robilante plant during the days of the event.


30 June 2018

Guidonia Plant (Rome), Jazz Concert

Together with the Arcipelago Cultural Association, Buzzi Unicem organized a jazz concert at the Guidonia plant to raise funds for cancer research. The Numinoso Ensemble orchestra, which has always supported information and research on cancer, performed inside the plant on a magical summer evening for an audience of approximately 250 people.


20 October 2018

Vernasca Plant (Piacenza), Nutrition and Sport

As part of its efforts to promote the benefits of sport and health, Buzzi Unicem and two large local sports associations, Lugagnano Off Road and Baraccaluga, organized a day at the Vernasca plant (Piacenza) to explore the topics of health and proper nutrition during the growth phase of children and while training for competitions.

Open to families and children belonging to the associations, the event featured a nutritionist who specialized in nutrition for athletes and also an animator.

10 June 2018

Guidonia Plant (Rome), San Luigi Mini Marathon

The sixth edition of the 10 km “Maratonina di San Luigi” (San Luigi Mini Marathon), which is part of the “Corto Circuito Run” (short distance race), was hosted by the Guidonia plant. The route of the first kilometer of the race went inside the production unit, which the racers ran through in complete safety.  

Many residents of Guidonia attended the awards ceremony, which was held in the lovely gardens inside the plant.