Casale Monferrato headquarter (AL), Work as a tool for social inclusion

Buzzi Unicem, the Regione Piemonte - Consorzio Socio Assistenziale del Cuneese, Regione Veneto - Azienda ULSS 6 Euganea and Regione Lazio CPI Centro di salute mentale (Region of Piedmont – Social Welfare Consortium of Cuneo, the Region of Veneto – ULSS (local health unit) 6 Euganea, and the Region of Lazio – CPI Center for Mental Health), have signed protocols of understanding to promote policies of social inclusion aimed at increasing the confidence levels of people who may feel socially marginalized.

Buzzi Unicem plays an active role during the course of treatment of disadvantaged people who would like to seek social integration through work.

By spending time within our company, the beneficiaries of the program will increase their store of knowledge and skills in the hope that it will lead to a stable job, even outside the company, once the internship has been completed. Each internship is covered by an agreement and an Individual Training Plan, which establishes the terms and timeframes of the internship itself.

Buzzi Unicem has committed to this program to help the beneficiaries become more active in their social life, help them face their everyday life with a new awareness and improve their social and family relationships.

Augusta Plant (Siracusa), Buzzi Unicem and CESVI work together again to support young immigrants in Sicily

Buzzi Unicem and CESVI(NGO protecting the rights and dignity of vulnerable people) are working together again this year to support new unaccompanied foreign minors with integrated socio-employment programs.

We introduce Komara, who currently works with Zitouny in the machine shop at the Augusta plant in Sicily. You can read about his story, dreams, and perceptions here.

The video, which was made before he started working at Buzzi Unicem, is part of a documentary series that describes the various stages of the integration process of the young people. This series is part of the "Towards integration" project developed by Nomadicfaces in conjunction with the Intercultural Center for Help and Guidance C.I.A.O., a center supported by the Marist community in Syracuse to help meet the needs and desire for integration of young immigrants in the province.”

29 November 2019

Robilante Plant (Cuneo) – Valweb project


Valweb is a non-profit organization accredited as a telephone operator for the Mise (Ministry of Development) and registered with Rocè (business registry). Thanks to the collaboration with the public and some financial backers, the organization created a broadband internet transmission network to provide broadband access to various hamlets within the municipality of Robilante, gradually extending the signal.

Buzzi Unicem supports this project because it believes in the importance of scientific research to overcome the digital divide and to provide internet access to mountain communities where network connections are still very slow

02 April 2019

Barletta Plant, 3rd Blood Donation Day

AVIS organized the 3rd blood donation day at the Barletta plant, which was also open to city residents who wished to donate.

The residents of Barletta and plant employees were able to donate blood, assisted by the medical staff from AVIS.


Casale Monferrato headquarter (AL) and the Leardi State School

Buzzi Unicem has been working with the Leardi State School for Surveyors since 2019, holding meetings with students to inform and teach them about building materials and construction technologies that meet sustainability standards, including through the application of circular economy principals.

These meetings also include classroom sessions and discussions on the principles of appropriate communications and the use of social networks.

To strengthen the relationship between the company and the school and introduce the students to the working world, some of the meetings take place at the Casale Monferrato headquarters while others are held at the Vernasca (Piacenza) and Robilante (Cuneo) plants.

02 December 2019

Monselice Plant (Padova), Course on safety in everyday activities and sport

Buzzi Unicem supports initiatives that address the health and safety of its workforce, the public and local communities. The company’s partnership with professional associations and non-profit organizations is a source of mutual enrichment aimed at increasing awareness of these topics.

The Padova South Committee of the Italian Red Cross association organized a meeting at the Monselice plant with the Health Director of the Red Cross on “Safety in everyday activities and sport”, which highlighted the importance of raising public awareness on this topic by providing information on the prevention of accidents and underlining the importance of regular daily exercise to prevent certain diseases.

The event was attended by numerous participants, including Monselice plant employees.

09 November 2019

Vernasca Plant (Piacenza), Social network

Buzzi Unicem promotes human and local community relations in an open, non-adversarial manner to encourage the mutual understanding of needs and the cultural enrichment of all concerned.

The company’s long-established collaboration with two large, local sports associations, Lugagnano Off Road and Baraccaluga, resulted in an event entitled “Relationship with social networks from the standpoint of children and parents”, which addressed current issues regarding social networking and also broached the problem of cyberbullying.  

Open to families and children belonging to the sports associations, the meeting was well-attended and engaging, and explored potential poblems resulting from the improper use of social networks, how these aspects affect everyday life, are directed at or influence local culture, and the broadcasting of our personal information online.  

The event concluded with a tour of the plant.

07 February 2019

Vernasca Plant (Piacenza), Istituto Comprensivo di Lugagnano Val d’Arda (2017-2019)

Buzzi Unicem has been collaborating with the Istituto Comprensivo di Lugagnano Val d‘Arda  (Lugagnano Val d’Arda Comprehensive School) since 2017 to develop partnership projects involving construction materials and technologies.

During the last three years, the partners have analyzed earthquake events, earthquake-proofing buildings, bridges and their maintenance, as well as the importance of concrete for humankind.

During the various meetings, the students experimented with preparing plastic mortars and measuring and verifying the performance of cement products.


09 November 2019

Robilante Plant (Cuneo), Piedmont Region Open Plant Days

Once again this year, Buzzi Unicem participated in the Piedmont Region’s initiative “Fabbriche Aperte(Open Plant Days) by opening its Robilante plant doors and showcasing the “Discover the value of who creates value” philosophy underlying the event, which highlights the concept of the plant as a strategic and distinctive productive element in the industrial heritage of Piedmont in the past, present and future. 

Approximately 70 people of all ages visited the plant on 8 and 9 November.

After a short classroom presentation on the history of the plant as part of the industrial heritage of Piedmont, visitors enjoyed a guided tour to learn about the various phases of the cement production process.

05 October 2019

Monselice Plant (Padova), Este Parish Project “Theater: children and school on stage”

Buzzi Unicem promotes human and local community relations in an open, non-adversarial manner to encourage the mutual understanding of needs and the cultural enrichment of all concerned.

As part of the Open Day program held at the Monselice plant, the company hosted the “Teatrando: giovani e scuola in scena” (Theater: children and school on stage) initiative on 5 October 2019. The event was organized by students from the Liceo Artistico “Ferrari” (Ferrari Arts High School) in Este, who staged the show “#ALICE dove ti sei smarrita?” (#ALICE where did you go astray?), openly inspired by the daily news reports about cyberbullying.

Mindful of the need to develop the talent of young actors, Buzzi Unicem converted one of the plant’s buildings into an unusual and unorthodox space, and established a synergy between local cultural activities and its own production operations through this initial, successful event.

02 April 2019

Robilante Plant (Cuneo), "Bec Berciassa" Project

The project to enhance an ancient Iron Age settlement located on the “Bec Berciassa” hill near the Robilante plant (CN) became a reality during 2017-2019.

Developed in conjunction with the municipalities of Robilante and Roccavione, the project progressed thanks to the solid partnership between the team of archaeologists and Buzzi Unicem, which provided premises, and logistical and operational support for all the field activities.

12 March 2019

Buzzi Unicem at the Green Week Festival 2019

The eighth edition of the Green Week Festival 2019 was held from 26 February through 3 March.

Sponsored by the Symbola Foundation and Italypost in conjunction with the weekly newspaper Buone Notizie of Corriere della Sera and Egea, the Green Week is an educational and learning opportunity for young people, as well as a cutting-edge showcase for "green thinking" technologies.

As one of the organizations selected to participate, Buzzi Unicem supported the initiative by sharing its values and welcoming the opportunity for a constructive dialogue with stakeholders and other participating companies.
Our participation involved two events that were held separately, the first of which took place during the first days of the Festival when we opened our doors to over 150 researchers and PhD students from Italy at three different production sites, namely Monselice, Fanna and Vernasca. At this event, the participants were able to further their knowledge about production cycle emissions and fallouts on the ground (Monselice), the use of waste-derived fuels as a replacement for fossil fuels (Fanna), and the European Cleanker Project dedicated to testing the calcium looping technology to capture the CO2 emitted by the kiln stack (Vernasca).
The second event held in Trento took place through a series of conferences, symposia and round tables.

At the "Sustainability: the pathway of businesses" session, Antonio Buzzi, COO Cement Italy, explained how Buzzi Unicem constantly strives to seize every opportunity to mitigate the environmental challenges faced by our production sector each day.


01 December 2019

Monselice Plant (Padova), Orienteering for beginners

Buzzi Unicem supports local activities that promote sport as a social event to bring people together and orient them towards a wellness lifestyle, by indirectly helping improve the health of those who participate.

In conjunction with the Arces Ok association, the Monselice plant organized an Orienteering for Beginners course at the plant that included a classroom session on orienteering theory to learn about the concepts of equidistance, meridians, map symbols, georeferencing and how to use a compass. This was followed by a practice session at the plant and a run along the streets of Monselice town center, with an award ceremony at the end.  

The Arces OK association has been organizing orienteering races in the Basso Vicentino, Colli Berici and Euganei (Berici and Euganean Hills) areas for over 10 years.