02 April 2019

Barletta Plant, 3rd Blood Donation Day

AVIS organized the 3rd blood donation day at the Barletta plant, which was also open to city residents who wished to donate.

The residents of Barletta and plant employees were able to donate blood, assisted by the medical staff from AVIS.

02 April 2019

Robilante Plant (Cuneo), "Bec Berciassa" Project

The project to enhance an ancient Iron Age settlement located on the “Bec Berciassa” hill near the Robilante plant (CN) became a reality during 2017-2019.

Developed in conjunction with the municipalities of Robilante and Roccavione, the project progressed thanks to the solid partnership between the team of archaeologists and Buzzi Unicem, which provided premises, and logistical and operational support for all the field activities.


07 February 2019

Vernasca Plant (Piacenza), Istituto Comprensivo di Lugagnano Val d’Arda (2017-2019)

Buzzi Unicem has been collaborating with the Istituto Comprensivo di Lugagnano Val d‘Arda  (Lugagnano Val d’Arda Comprehensive School) since 2017 to develop partnership projects involving construction materials and technologies.

During the last three years, the partners have analyzed earthquake events, earthquake-proofing buildings, bridges and their maintenance, as well as the importance of concrete for humankind.

During the various meetings, the students experimented with preparing plastic mortars and measuring and verifying the performance of cement products.


12 March 2019

Buzzi Unicem at the Green Week Festival 2019

The eighth edition of the Green Week Festival 2019 was held from 26 February through 3 March.

Sponsored by the Symbola Foundation and Italypost in conjunction with the weekly newspaper Buone Notizie of Corriere della Sera and Egea, the Green Week is an educational and learning opportunity for young people, as well as a cutting-edge showcase for "green thinking" technologies.

As one of the organizations selected to participate, Buzzi Unicem supported the initiative by sharing its values and welcoming the opportunity for a constructive dialogue with stakeholders and other participating companies.
Our participation involved two events that were held separately, the first of which took place during the first days of the Festival when we opened our doors to over 150 researchers and PhD students from Italy at three different production sites, namely Monselice, Fanna and Vernasca. At this event, the participants were able to further their knowledge about production cycle emissions and fallouts on the ground (Monselice), the use of waste-derived fuels as a replacement for fossil fuels (Fanna), and the European Cleanker Project dedicated to testing the calcium looping technology to capture the CO2 emitted by the kiln stack (Vernasca).
The second event held in Trento took place through a series of conferences, symposia and round tables.

At the "Sustainability: the pathway of businesses" session, Antonio Buzzi, COO Cement Italy, explained how Buzzi Unicem constantly strives to seize every opportunity to mitigate the environmental challenges faced by our production sector each day.