Our main objective is to guide the market along a responsible path, collaborating with all our stakeholders in order to face the challenge of decarbonization.
A key point is the active collaboration with the production chain, declaring economic, social and environmental impacts, in order to offer a line of high performance, top quality and sustainable products.

With the development of the CGreen line, we commit ourselves to contributing to the containment of climate change through multiple measures:

•    Reducing the Carbon Footprint by cutting CO2 emissions and implementing Carbon Capture technologies
•    Lowering the clinker-to-cement ratio
•    Using alternative fuels in place of fossil fuels, using natural gas and hydrogen as well as renewable energy and implementing efficiency initiatives
•    Increasing the percentage of use of recovered and recyclable raw materials
•    Complying with Minimum Environmental Criterial (MEC)
•    Supporting the circular economy by preferring products with a higher circularity index