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01 February 2024

Our support for parenting

“A nation in which no children are born has no future and does not innovate”.

Starting from this assumption, the company has developed the Family Friendly Company project to support women and families who wish to give birth to children. This is a set of measures, with economic and non-economic effects, to support colleagues of Italian companies of the Group in their life and growth choices.

More generally, Buzzi aims to counter the birth rate in our country, which is experiencing serious demographic decline. In fact, Italy is at the bottom of the European ranking of children per woman (only 1.22); furthermore, 43% of women with one child have no intention of having more for economic, professional and social reasons (Sources: ISTAT, June 2023; Save the Children Report: “Le Equilibriste - La maternità in Italia 2023”).

The company says: “In line with sustainability policies and people valorization, we want 'our parents' to face motherhood and fatherhood with serenity and that 'our mothers' have equal development opportunities, knowing that they can choose to bring children into the world, without their career path being limited as a consequence."

The interventions involve accompanying new parents from the months preceding the birth until they return to work.

The figure of the 'Family Friend' is established, a person designated to maintain contact with the colleague on leave for information purposes and on a voluntary basis, to update her/him on what is happening at work, in order to facilitate her/his return; the 'Thank you bonus' and the 'Up to kindergarten' are economic additions to optional post-natal leave; the 'Happy kids' contribution is a financial support for each new born up to a maximum of 3,000 euros gross per year for 3 years (the beneficiaries of this measure also include parents with children who, as of 31 December 2023, have not yet 3 years of age); finally, the return accompaniment path called 'Back on track' facilitates and harmonizes the colleague’s return to work.

Family Friendly Company is part of a broader project that intends to strengthen the company's commitment to promote an increasingly inclusive culture, based on equity and equal development opportunities and aimed at maintaining a healthy balance between work activity and family size.


20 April 2023

The 2022 edition of the Sustainability Report confirms the achievement of the targets set in 2017

In its Sustainability Report 2022, Buzzi Unicem shares with its stakeholders an accurate snapshot of the company's economic, environmental and social performance.

In this edition, the twenty-second one to be exact, the company once again seizes the opportunity to give an update on its goals. The year 2022 was the year in which we achieved the goals announced in 2017: a 5% reduction in our specific CO2 emissions, the implementation of structural engagement projects, and increasingly safer working conditions at all production facilities. 

Also worthy of note is the introduction of a section dedicated to the Roadmap "Our Journey to Net Zero" and to the validation by SBTi, an authoritative international body that has approved our targets to 2030. 

Lastly, in this Report we provide all the information required by Taxonomy Regulation: after the indication of the percentages of eligible turnover, investments and operating costs, provided in last year's Report, this year we also included the respective percentages of alignment according to the criteria established by the Regulation for the cement industry.

Read the complete report here.

31 March 2023

Stakeholder Engagement 2022 report has been relesead

The new edition of the Stakeholder Engagement report shows the activities in the plants, after the years conditioned by the pandemic.
The document describes the various projects that the company has carried out throughout the country, reaching more than 9,000 stakeholders.

In addition to various cultural and social activities, particular effort was put into the training with schools on the climate change matter and other topics.
“High 5” has been a winning project also in 2022, involving 135 students with more than 11,000 hours of training at the plants and at Casale Monferrato headquarters.

Read the complete report here.


30 September 2022

Buzzi Unicem side by side with Casalese basketball

30 September 2022 – Sustainability, ambition and connection with the territory: in the sign of these three cornerstones, Buzzi Unicem continues to believe in the Casalese basketball, supporting the two main teams currently competing in the second and third national series.

For the third year in a row, Buzzi Unicem is fueling the sports project of Monferrato Basket (new name of J Basket Monferrato) as a Gold Sponsor. The company's logo will again be prominently displayed on the official jersey with which the team will tackle a new A2 Series championship.

At the same time, Buzzi Unicem will also be sponsoring Junior Casale, a historic association this year engaged in the B championship, as a result of the team winning the C Gold championship this past season.

Thus, the commitment to support a team sport that is highly enjoyed and practiced in the area - starting with the youngest children in the form of mini basketball up to the Senior teams - and which perfectly embodies the spirit of the Company: the collective effort is more important than any individualism.

In addition to rooting for the achievement of the best sport results, Buzzi Unicem is also looking with interest at the consolidation process of the two sports clubs, with which it shares the values of sustainability, ambition and connection with the territory.

27 September 2022

Official inauguration of Built, Buzzi Unicem's new technological innovation laboratory based in Vercelli, on the campus of the University of Eastern Piedmont

On Monday, September 26, the official inauguration of Built, Buzzi Unicem's new technological innovation laboratory, was held in Vercelli at the San Giuseppe complex of the University of Eastern Piedmont (UPO).
Built (Buzzi Unicem Innovation Lab and Technology) represents the highest evolutionary stage of the company's Research & Development, and joins other existing entities such as the plants' labs and the Wilhelm Dyckerhoff Institut in Wiesbaden, Germany. 
Attended by several authorities and academics (including UPO Rector Gian Carlo Avanzi) as well as the Mayor of Vercelli Andrea Corsaro, the event was organized to officially present the partnership agreement between the university and Buzzi Unicem and to showcase the potential of the new laboratory, which has already been active since January.
In addition to the location in the modern spaces of the San Giuseppe complex, the agreement stipulated in 2018 provides for synergistic activities between basic research and the industrial sector's application approach. UPO can expand its curriculum in materials science and technology by providing students and researchers with study and work experience in the corporate environment, while Built is happy to welcome and cultivate projects for the development of innovative and highly sustainable building materials.
Built is organized across two floors, with a large room dedicated to concrete testing, a chemistry and physics lab equipped with numerous state-of-the-art instruments for materials characterization, a chemical laboratory accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025:2018, and a mortar lab. Temperature- and humidity-controlled curing chambers for curing specimens and specific areas for mills and crushers have also been provided. Twelve chemical technicians and researchers with scientific backgrounds currently work in the lab.

“We are very pleased to inaugurate this facility,” said the technical director Luigi Buzzi, “as it represents not just a simple laboratory, but a new way of working to meet the complex challenges of the future, from the decarbonization of the production process to the search for increasingly high-performance and sustainable binding agents."

The Director Fulvio Canonico added: “The lab is fully operational, and we are satisfied with the results of our work and the contribution to innovation we make to the group. The atmosphere in Built is very stimulating, partly because of the possibility of interacting with the university campus around us."
The presentation concluded PhD Day, dedicated to the awarding of PhDs organized by UPO as part of Research Week. 

On Thursday the 29th, Built will be the scene of the UPO Junior activity "Getting to know the material that builds the world - concrete," with guests including about 100 students from the area's elementary and secondary schools.

09 May 2022

On Friday May 20, the inauguration of VICE VERSĀ, a project by Alfredo Pirri, Helga Marsala and Pietro Leone, will be held at the Paraboloid in Casale Monferrato

An audio-visual artwork starting with the installation "PASSI" (STEPS) by the renowned artist Alfredo Pirri, through the performance of Buzzi Unicem employees 

"VICE VERSĀ" is about to land toward the Paraboloid, symbol of the history of cement. This project originated in the spring of 2021 from Alfredo Pirri's installation entitled "PASSI," presented at the Maniace Castle in Syracuse (curated by Helga Marsala and produced by ADITUS for the Superintendency of Syracuse). 
On Friday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m. a temporary space dedicated to the meeting between art and industrial archaeology will be inaugurated in the presence of Federico Riboldi, Mayor of Casale Monferrato, of the Institutions, of Buzzi Unicem's Association "il Cemento" - promoter of the initiative - of the artists and of the citizens, and will be available for use for the entire weekend, from 6 p.m. until midnight.
This event will be the first example to launch the Paraboloid towards a path of revitalization, turning it into a multipurpose facility and cultural center. 

"VICE VERSĀ" an audio/video artwork resulting from a collaboration between the artist Alfredo Pirri, the filmmaker and musician Pietro Leone and the curator and art critic Helga Marsala, develops thanks to the dialogue between the imposing medieval architecture of the Maniace Castle - which hosted the "STEPS" installation in recent months - and the Buzzi Unicem plant in Augusta. 
After a lectio magistralis by Pirri, held at the premises of the Sicilian factory and dedicated to the company's employees, speaking about the reinvention of reality through contemporary art, the setting moved to the Maniace Castle involving some of the employees in a performance, guided by Pirri to interact with the surfaces, spaces, lights and memory of the venue, in a collective gesture of appropriation: walking on the mirrors of the Hypostyle Hall, drawing the paths of new fractures, in order to contribute to the reinterpretation and rewriting of the space, altered at every glance and at every step.
In an unusual correlation, the experience inside the grand Hypostyle Hall is then reflected in the industrial site of Augusta, creating an exchange of volumes, presences, sounds, and suggestions. It is an enthralling dialogue between two "theaters," where the transformation of things (whether raw materials, images, history, technical or humanistic knowledge) becomes a dramaturgy of processes, objects, human relations.

Thinking of the Paraboloid as an exceptional place for promoting a project, whose focus is on artistic experimentation, as well as on the relationship between art and the working world, is a way to symbolically launch this building in a new direction, under the sign of local identity, culture and the deep-rooted relationship with the company. Prior to the upcoming conservative restoration work, the intention would thus be to celebrate its current charm, rich in memory and images of the past, together with the power of industrial and architectural innovation processes, while waiting for the complete renovation of the spaces, underpinning a new life.

The set-up area of the Paraboloid will be open to the public, with free admission, on May 20-21-22 from 6 p.m. until midnight. 


21 April 2022

The Councils for the Enhancement of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Turin and Alessandria join forces with the Associazione Santa Caterina Onlus for the restoration of Casale Monferrato's Baroque masterpiece.

A visit to Casale Monferrato, Buzzi Unica’s headquarters, to witness the restoration of the stunning Piedmontese Baroque-style church.

On Friday 8 April, the Council for the Enhancement of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Turin, the Council for the Enhancement of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage of the city of Alessandria and its surrounding area, the Associazione Santa Caterina Onlus and Buzzi Unicem met in Casale Monferrato to discuss the project for the restoration and enhancement of the Church of Santa Caterina.
The meeting began at the historic headquarters of the Buzzi Unicem Group, a partner company that has been a major supporter of projects aimed at enhancing Piedmont's artistic heritage since 1997. 
Here, guests were able to visit the multimedia room, a latest-generation installation that showcases the company's history, various technical information and several projects related to sustainability as wells research and development.
This was followed by a work progress meeting and by a visit to the Church of Santa Caterina, a gem of Piedmontese Baroque art. 
Thanks to the commitment of the non-profit organization Associazione Santa Caterina Onlus and its supporters, Buzzi Unicem in primis, the Church is returning to its original splendor: after the restoration of the dome, the drum, the lantern and the pitched roofs, the restoration project of the facade has begun. The contribution of the Councils will also allow to tackle the upcoming restoration of the internal frescos of the major dome.

“We are deeply honored to have been able to welcome the visit of the Councils for the Enhancement of the Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Turin and Alessandria to the Santa Caterina site - said Marina Buzzi Pogliano, President of the Associazione Santa Caterina Onlus. Their support, which complements and integrates that of the banking foundations, sponsors, and donors, is crucial not only for Santa Caterina Onlus and for the attainment of the goal of restoring the frescoes of the dome, but for the entire city, whose beautifully restored Baroque monument will be a beacon shedding light on all of the city's treasures and riches, which are still too under-appreciated.
Participants expressed their satisfaction for the achieved results, the product of a meticulous work of restoration and enhancement of the Church.


19 April 2022

The 2021 edition of Buzzi Unicem’s Sustainability Report confirms the objective of climate neutrality by 2050.

Buzzi Unicem presents the 21st edition of its Sustainability Report, a document that describes its economic, environmental and social performance in 2021.

During the past year, the Company continued its support, at the global level, for communities affected by the Covid-19 emergency, donating €1.5 million through various humanitarian organizations operating in the countries where it operates.

In spite of the global emergency situation and a substantial increase in costs in the second half of the year, production volumes improved and financial results maintained the excellent level attained in the previous year. In addition, 2021 was the year of publication of the GCCA (Global Cement and Concrete Association) roadmap. Buzzi Unicem actively participated in drafting this document, sharing its objectives. The GCCA roadmap presents the gradual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the achievement of climate neutrality by the year 2050. Buzzi Unicem is currently working on the definition of its strategic plan, aimed at setting new targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The Sustainability Report discloses information according to the European Taxonomy Regulation and the climate change risk assessment in line with the recommendations of the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures).

The Company confirms its commitment to pursue health and safety objectives for the protection of its employees, with more than 50% of training hours provided on these issues.

In this context of major and significant changes, Buzzi Unicem reaffirms to operate with a view to innovation and progress, attracting and holding on to young talent, promoting meritocracy and teamwork, and sharing with its stakeholders a strategic vision in line with the objectives of sustainable development.

03 March 2022

Buzzi Unicem presents the Stakeholder Engagement Report 2021: focus on the local territory and community

Buzzi Unicem presents the second edition of the "Stakeholder Engagement Report", which describes the activities aimed at stakeholders carried out during 2021.
Inclusion, transparency, and focus on social issues and the environment are some of the principles underlying stakeholder engagement initiatives, which are conducted in collaboration with local entities and associations with the goal of creating new spaces for listening and fostering dialogue with the local territory.
The Report illustrates the widespread involvement of our stakeholders through collaborative events and activities aimed at supporting underprivileged or differently abled people, as well as culture, sports, and the arts.
The cement plants are an integral and integrated part of the local territory and provide a venue for debates and meetings aimed at identifying feasible and tangible projects. 
The production units are also involved in educational projects: they host visits and training courses for students from schools and universities, with the objective of illustrating the production cycle, the techniques employed and the technological innovation. 
The creation and sharing of value continue to be the key principles underpinning the Company's activities, where the building of relationships based on trust is of primary importance in the synergic process of collective growth. 

21 February 2022

The future of Buzzi Unicem’s cements is CGreen. Know-how and innovation spawn the line of more sustainable cement products.

Buzzi Unicem launches on the Italian and German markets the new product line called CGreen, a family of COefficient cements. 
In keeping with the sustainability policies that distinguish the company and with the aim of meeting the targets of the future ecological transition, CGreen marks the natural evolution of Buzzi Unicem's hydraulic binders, continuing in the footsteps of a long tradition of high-quality, high-performance products.
The CGreen line was developed by selecting suitable active additions, partially replacing clinker, optimizing grinding and mixing conditions and using new generation additives, at the same time keeping the required technical performance. 

"The ecological transition", explains Antonio Buzzi, Chief Operating Officer Cemento Italia, "calls for us to adapt our behaviors and actions in order to neutralize our carbon footprint: we all have a responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions, which are considered a key factor in amplifying the greenhouse effect and, consequently, climate change. This transition, therefore, implies the partial or total redesign of production processes, distribution systems and consumption patterns, heralding the start of a potential industrial revolution and a change in our habits".
So, in order to meet this challenge and involve the entire supply chain, the company aims at innovation with a line of products duly selected and suited to contain their environmental footprint.

Starting from the Global Warming Potential (GWP) indicator, which indicates the carbon footprint of each individual binder, the Italian CGreen cements were reclassified and organized, highlighting through this new line those products with the best environmental performance. In addition, like all Buzzi Unicem's cements, the CGreen cements are also accompanied by Environmental Product Declarations, obtained through the EPD certification system, which guarantees full transparency and representativeness of the environmental performance of the product throughout its life cycle. 
CGreen will be the distinguishing trademark for low carbon footprint cements in all countries where the group operates. In particular today, Dyckerhoff ECO COMFORT and Dyckerhoff CEDUR cements, launched on the German market, join the CGreen family.

Dirk Beese, Managing Director Dyckerhoff GmbH: “The CGreen cements Dyckerhoff ECO COMFORT and CEDUR are our new cements with a carbon footprint up to 39% lower compared to standard Portland cements. These cements are our solution to the increasing demand for CO2 efficient cements in our markets.”
CGreen represents a further step towards the achievement of energy transition objectives, which the company pursues also by investing in projects for the reduction of all emissions and for the development of technologies aimed at capturing and re-using CO2.

For more details on CGreen line products:

CGreen product line Italy 

CGreen Dyckerhoff Germany 


18 January 2022

Italgas and Buzzi Unicem sign an agreement to study the feasibility of Power to Gas plants to decarbonize cement production processes

Italgas and Buzzi Unicem have signed an agreement for the development of a feasibility study on the implementation of Power to Gas plants in combination with Carbon Capture Systems at Buzzi Unicem's production plants.

The implementation of these technologies is aimed at promoting the decarbonization of cement and concrete production processes in order to increase environmental sustainability and facilitate the energy transition. In particular, the study will assess the possibility of producing and using, in the most suitable Buzzi Unicem plants, synthetic methane obtained from the combination of green hydrogen produced by the Power to Gas plants with part of the CO2 released in the production processes.

The agreement leverages on the solid experience gained by Italgas with the development of a Power to Gas project in Sardinia to produce green hydrogen with the aim of testing its uses also in urban contexts, in public transport and in supplying local energy-intensive industries.

"We strongly believe in Power to Gas technology – Paolo Gallo, CEO of Italgas affirmed - and in its strategic contribution to the energy transition in terms of sector coupling. The production of hydrogen from renewable sources enables the use of gas networks in the dual function of carrier and energy storage asset, ensuring greater flexibility to the system. The agreement represents a great opportunity for us to take a further step forward in the study of innovative solutions and technological best practices. Therefore, we are pleased to share with Buzzi Unicem the know-how we have developed in the design of the Italgas P2G plant that will be built in Sardinia, creating the first technological showcase of the green hydrogen production chain in Italy".

Luigi Buzzi, Group Technical Director at Buzzi Unicem, confirms that "we are very interested in the opportunity to collaborate with Italgas as an experienced partner to develop a project that is fully integrated into our industrial investment plan aimed at identifying technologies for capturing and reusing the CO2 released by our plants, in line with the roadmaps defined by industry associations.
Our aim is to responsibly contribute to containing climate change by developing CO2 capture technologies and identifying the best solutions for its reuse. We are currently experimenting with Calcium Looping technology for capturing the carbon dioxide released by the production process at our plant in Vernasca (PC). Thanks to the EU Horizon 2020 project "CLEANKER" (CLEAN- clinKER), it will be possible to assess the technical and economic sustainability of this technology and estimate the changes to the plant and the investments required to adopt this process in existing cement plants.
We are ready to face the ecological transition with great determination and motivated to start the Power to Gas project with Italgas soon, hoping that this new technology can be adopted on a large scale in the future".


20 October 2021

Dialog with the territory, the benefits of working with an eye towards mutual growth

Buzzi Unicem presents its stakeholder engagement projects and reiterates its invitation to communicate, actively participate in schools and collaborate with local communities

All Buzzi Unicem plants are open again for hosting visits.
After a period during which we were forced to slow down our activities, our engineers, technicians and all our staff are now ready to safely welcome anyone who wants to learn more about cement production and the technologies used throughout the production process, ranging from the extraction of raw materials through to the grinding and shipping of clinker.

Buzzi Unicem views Stakeholder Engagement as a systematic process aimed at creating value, and is a fundamental tool for promoting the active involvement of people and sharing the principles and values on which our company is founded.

Numerous projects and initiatives have stemmed from this virtuous process, with the goal of strengthening our synergistic relationships with local communities and creating mutual prosperity and growth. During these last few years, our plants have been the stage for “encounters with art”, and occasions for gatherings and discussions on many topics of interest for local communities. We plan to reiterate our invitation to continue on this path of active involvement by evaluating new projects and initiatives together, site by site.  

We strongly believe in the mutual enrichment deriving from the school-work rotation programs that offer an opportunity for young students to plan their future and prepare their entry into the working world.
Known as “High Five”, this initiative has been developed in conjunction with the schools and is based on the principle of “learn by doing”, by fostering a close-knit collaboration between businesses and educational institutions. The project is an excellent vehicle for overcoming the traditional separation between the worlds of school and work by bringing them closer together through shared pathways aimed at reducing the time of entry into the working world for the younger generations. We have systematically resumed this project and have already received several requests for collaboration from schools.

In terms of continuous improvement, Buzzi Unicem pursues the creation of value through stakeholder engagement best practices, continuing the approach it has taken for several years in sharing common basic principles and standards of honesty and transparency. .

Would you like to visit a cement plant?

To visit a cement plant, please send an email or call one of the contacts listed in the following link: Open plants

High 5: Relationships with schools

For further details:

"Hive Five": School-work rotation
For information and applications for work rotations at the company, please send a request to:

Stakeholder Engagement – for further information on the approach taken by Buzzi Unicem and details on the projects in 2020:

Stakeholder Engagement
Report Stakeholder Engagement

15 July 2021

Buzzi Unicem supports “The Association Cement in the identity of Monferrato Casalese”, in the regenerative design of the Paraboloide

The Paraboloide of Casale Monferrato, one of the most distinctive and recognizable traces of the production history of the Monferrato Casalese area, thanks to the support of the "The Association Cement in the identity of Monferrato Casalese", which includes private and public members, is a landmark in the recovery and urban integration process of Casale's production past, opening a door to the future.
In fact, the project for strategic recovery of the Paraboloide has been funded, with the aim of protecting the property and reintegrating it into urban and social life, as well as emphasizing its historical traces and features, so that it can finally be returned to the city of Casale Monferrato as part of a systemic network.

The valorization of the Paraboloide also provides an opportunity to work in a residential area of Casale Monferrato wedged between the railway and the park of the Cittadella, fragmented and poorly connected to the city center, with the intention of becoming the cornerstone of a veritable urban regeneration, for a sustainable and integrated city, according to the best parameters of environmental, economic, and social quality.

The recovery project will enable the Municipality of Casale Monferrato, which owns the property, to take part in the national competition for the allocation of grants to Municipalities for investments in urban regeneration projects. 

The building is a "significant example of industrial archaeology in reinforced concrete from the 1920s, a typical example in terms of the type of construction, techniques and materials used", as underlined by the declaration of cultural interest (DDR – Director Document for Reconstruction no. 163 of 14 June 2011) that sanctions its protection. The roof, a sequence of parabolic arches allowing a free plan and an airy, light volume, is the result of daring twentieth-century experiments with concrete. the Paraboloide of Casale Monferrato is the first real Italian example of this type of design, subsequently developed and expanded by iconic figures such as Pier Luigi Nervi.

The building will be renovated according to the "Guidelines for the Project of Recovery and Seismic Improvement of the Paraboloide of Casale" drawn up by the Department of Structural, Building and Geotechnical Engineering of the Polytechnic Institute of Turin in 2018. 
The deterioration phenomena with consequent structural inefficiency will be counteracted by widespread consolidation works, using the Beton Plaqué technique. 
The existing chains, added following renovations carried out during the second half of the 20th century, will be replaced with steel chains at the level of the existing floor. 
The external tower, 16 meters high and strongly characterizing the north-eastern elevation, will be secured and structurally connected to the main body of the building. Following the restoration, the latter will be used as a covered square and will be equipped with new multi-purpose spaces designed indoors, connected to the entrance level by a new stairwell, and with a renovated pathway to the upper walkway.
The adjacent area will be redeveloped using greenery as an "architectural material", offering spaces for outdoor sports and social activities, in line with the Citadel's green system and the interior of the building. On the south-west side, the building will be "isolated" from the surrounding looming residences by an embankment, a sort of green amphitheater accessible to the public. On the other hand, the part facing the park of the Cittadella will be lined with green paths and equipped with a projecting roof for sports activities.

28 June 2021

2020 cement plant figures available

The key cement plant figures for 2020 are available, reported in individual brochures that can be downloaded from this link as well as obtainable in paper form during plant visits. 

The purpose is to inform our stakeholders about Buzzi Unicem production site activities from both a strictly operational standpoint as well as our presence within the community. More specifically, the data are organized into two main areas, namely the specific figures for each plant and the overall figures for the Group. 
The individual plant figures focus on the environment, employee accidents, events involving the plant and atmospheric emissions. 

The environmental data include the tons of recovered raw materials (circular economy), the kilowatt hours consumed to produce one ton of cementitious material, the megacalories used to produce one ton of clinker, and the environment and safety investments made during the 2018-2020 three-year period. With respect to the atmospheric emissions, we report the figures for dust, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides. 

The overall Group figures include the key data for Buzzi Unicem S.p.A, the certifications obtained and the Group’s policies. 

22 June 2021

Stabilimento Testi/Greve in Chianti (FI) e Centro di macinazione Arquata Scrivia (AL) – Firmato l’accordo sindacale

A seguito del confronto avviato con le Organizzazioni Sindacali e le RSU, conseguente all’annuncio della cessazione delle attività dello stabilimento di Greve in Chianti (FI) e del Centro di macinazione di Arquata Scrivia (AL), in data odierna è stato raggiunto un accordo condiviso tra le parti.
La chiusura della trattativa ha privilegiato soluzioni a sostegno dell’impiego, prevedendo la ricollocazione dei lavoratori, mettendo a disposizione oltre 100 posizioni di lavoro a tempo indeterminato presso altre unità operative del gruppo, nonché specifiche azioni aggiuntive di mitigazione sotto forma di contributi per alloggio, trasloco, spese di viaggio.
Sono stati predisposti, inoltre, percorsi di outplacement fino a 36 mesi, una “dote assunzione” a favore di potenziali datori di lavoro sul territorio, percorsi di formazione e adeguamento delle competenze e la prelazione in caso di nuove assunzioni, presso le società del Gruppo in Toscana e Piemonte fino al 15 settembre 2024.
Per sostenere ulteriormente coloro che non fossero nelle condizioni di poter accettare le posizioni disponibili all’interno dell’azienda, sono state concordate forme di sostegno alternative. 
Le persone che continueranno il percorso professionale all’interno dell’azienda saranno sostenute nell’affrontare la nuova realtà, al fine di proseguire una collaborazione proficua nel tempo.
Buzzi Unicem conclude ribadendo il proprio impegno ad operare con una visione a lungo termine e continua a dialogare con le Istituzioni in maniera costruttiva su temi di natura strategica per il territorio. 

21 May 2021

The Buzzi Unicem Onlus Foundation celebrates its 18th birthday

Since 2003, the non-profit organization has been working to promote and support research and diagnosis of asbestos-related diseases, as well as the testing of therapies and targeted projects.

Founded in 2003 in Casale Monferrato upon the initiative of Buzzi Unicem S.p.A., The Buzzi Unicem Onlus Foundation has been promoting and supporting for the last 18 years measures aimed at improving the diagnosis and treatment of Malignant Mesothelioma, a particularly aggressive tumor caused by environmental and occupational exposure to asbestos.
This serious disease is a social phenomenon with extremely alarming effects, especially in the Casale area, which in the past was the site of industrial processes for the production of products containing asbestos.
The Foundation fulfils its statutory commitments through measures for the research, diagnosis and treatment of Malignant mesothelioma, financing projects suggested by researchers from Universities, Research Institutes and Health Authorities and dedicated to scientific research applied to prevention systems and direct actions on patients aimed at early diagnosis and treatment.
The non-profit organization cooperates with the public sector, channeling funding to projects that best enable the pooling of ideas, experience and resources in order to facilitate processes that provide the right solutions to the clinician, the ideal link between science and the patient. 
Today, the Foundation supports 8 active research projects in collaboration with various organizations throughout Italy, relentlessly pursuing the fight against this serious disease. The Foundation's support comes from voluntary donations and from the “5x1000”, a donation made through one’s tax return (tax code 02007580067), which are crucial for financing both new research projects and those already underway. 

For further information on the Buzzi Unicem Foundation, please visit the website at

06 May 2021

Buzzi Unicem presents its 2020 Sustainability Report. Attention to environmental issues and help for the local communities for the Covid emergency: these are the topics of focus in the 2020 Sustainability Report

The 2020 edition of Buzzi Unicem’s Sustainability report was presented today.

In addition to accurate reporting of economic, environmental and social indicators, the document also provides an update on objectives and targets, in line with the policies promoted by the company.

From an economic standpoint, the financial results show an improvement on the levels achieved in 2019 despite the difficulties related to the health emergency. The company hopes that both the vaccination plans and the economic stimulus announced by governments will strengthen demand for the sector and contribute to growth.

On the environmental level, the report illustrates the Group's commitment to reducing CO2 which in absolute value, in 2020, was down mainly due to a lower production of clinker and a lower use of electricity.

The year 2021 will be crucial for the definition of new targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions in the medium term, while the goal of climate neutrality by 2050, already announced by Cembureau - the European Cement Manufacturers' Association - could also be confirmed by the end of the year by the global association GCCA (Global Cement and Concrete Association), of which Buzzi Unicem is a member. For the company this is a complex and stimulating challenge, which it does not want to shy away from.

Social performance highlights the results of good practices in terms of health and safety at work and confirms the downward trend in workplace accidents in recent years. In addition, in order to mitigate the problems related to the health emergency, the company has decided to help people in difficulty in the countries where the Group's plants operate by donating over € 3 million to provide tangible help, in collaboration with various non-profit organizations.

Lastly, the company noticed that interest in non-financial information is growing and thus reiterates its commitment to constantly improving the quality and level of detail of non-financial information.

05 January 2021

Buzzi Unicem in support of local communities

The pandemic has affected all continents, albeit to varying degrees, and has forced us to deal with an anomalous situation that has put and is still putting everyone to the test, significantly penalizing the most vulnerable layers of society. The heavy repercussions caused by the COVID-19 emergency have exacerbated the inequalities already existing in our country and around the world and, as a company, we wish to do our part in providing tangible help to those in difficult situations.

This is why Buzzi Unicem has decided to promote an initiative involving all the countries in which it operates, aimed at supporting a number of non-profit organizations in each region.

With a one-off donation distributed proportionally among all the Group's operating facilities in the various continents in which it operates, the company has chosen to directly support the weakest sections of the population, providing real assistance to the basic needs of individuals and families through the support of non-profit organizations (more than 70) that work in favor of the weakest, both nationally and internationally.

The areas of interest include disbursements for food expenses, utilities, rent, help for single women with children and much more, in favor of the most vulnerable categories.

Each plant has been in contact with the beneficiary entity in order to assess the intended use of funds and the most appropriate areas of intervention for the local context in which it operates and will follow, with the support of Stakeholder Engagement, the reporting of individual projects.

Fully aware of how much this emergency situation is lasting beyond expectations, we hope that a commitment of this nature and scope may minimize the distress of many categories and help our territories along the path to recovery.



25 May 2020

The TagCem Master in Advanced Techniques for the management of cement production plants is underway

Buzzi Unicem is pleased to announce the launch of the TagCem Master program, which will take 14 apprentices on a journey involving work, training and project work divided between our company and the Polytechnic of Turin.
In the next 24 months, also thanks to the collaboration with the Polytechnic pf Turin, young talents will be the main players in a program of advanced training, which is characterized by the variety of the covered areas: production, maintenance, quality, ecology, environment and safety are the main topics, tackled with an interdisciplinary approach. The academic staff consists of an in-house team and faculty from the Polytechnic. The didactics includes frontal lessons, "learning by doing" and "project work", as well as in-depth visits and projects residing in the Italian cement plants. This theoretical and practical approach will enable trainees to acquire a wealth of knowledge transferable to the various professional fields and organizational roles within Buzzi Unicem.

11 April 2020

"The treatment begins at home" - a pilot study of home monitoring, in the territory of Casale Monferrato and Turin

Faced with the COVID-19 emergency, the Buzzi Unicem Foundation has undertaken to finance a pilot study on home monitoring in the Casale Monferrato and Turin areas, coordinated by the Mario Negri Institute.

The choice of the project reflected the spirit of the Foundation and of the Buzzi family to offer the Piedmont territory a quality and scientifically-valid service, in aid of the current healthcare emergency.

Patients with COVID-19 symptoms, who on medical advice were not referred directly to the emergency room, had access to the study. For all of them it was possible to be followed at home by a team of physiotherapists, properly trained and equipped with all medical devices, who carried out daily monitoring of the respiratory function, using a saturimeter, subjecting the patient to a "walking test" and agreed with the referring physicians the possible and progressive hospitalization.

The Crisis Unit of the Mario Negri Institute, under the coordination of Dr. Guido Bertolini, arranged for the collection and processing of data and for the logistical coordination of the entire project.

The Buzzi Unicem Foundation undertook to fully finance the project, which had a positive outcome with a significant number of monitored cases.

09 January 2020

Buzzi Unicem and Leardi High School together for the course “Construction, Environment and Territory”

Buzzi Unicem, in partnership with Leardi High School in Casale Monferrato (AL), has launched highly professional training courses for the three-year period 2019-2021, conceived for the course entitled "Construction, Environment and Territory".

The project will cover various topics such as the characteristics and quality of construction materials, construction site knowledge and notions of operating techniques, technologies and know-how related to concrete.

"We strongly believe in this project and in the training of students - underline Daniele Bogni and Monica Baratto, coordinators in charge of the project and Plant Manager and Territory Relations Representative, respectively, for Buzzi Unicem - because we consider it a priority to promote these kinds of activities aimed at distributing value throughout the territory, not only at the local but also at the national level".

“CAT" students will alternate between classroom learning and on-the-job training, where they will understand the complexity of the cement industry and examine in depth how the most sophisticated technologies are used to guarantee a product with high quality and safety standards.
Among the many topics being covered during the course, the ones that stand out are: sustainability, circular economy, research into new materials and alternative fuels.                   


The project includes a visit to the Buzzi Unicem plants of Vernasca (PC) and Robilante (CN), the latter being a virtuous example of circular economy because it uses Solid Secondary Fuels as alternative fuels.
Great satisfaction for the initiative was expressed by the teachers of the Leardi High School, Fausto Milano and Laura Catalano, who pointed out that the proposed training path integrates the disciplinary skills of students and allows, thanks to this process of in-depth study, to successfully enter a context in which professions are increasingly specific and interconnected.