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20 October 2021

Dialog with the territory, the benefits of working with an eye towards mutual growth

Buzzi Unicem presents its stakeholder engagement projects and reiterates its invitation to communicate, actively participate in schools and collaborate with local communities

All Buzzi Unicem plants are open again for hosting visits.
After a period during which we were forced to slow down our activities, our engineers, technicians and all our staff are now ready to safely welcome anyone who wants to learn more about cement production and the technologies used throughout the production process, ranging from the extraction of raw materials through to the grinding and shipping of clinker.

Buzzi Unicem views Stakeholder Engagement as a systematic process aimed at creating value, and is a fundamental tool for promoting the active involvement of people and sharing the principles and values on which our company is founded.

Numerous projects and initiatives have stemmed from this virtuous process, with the goal of strengthening our synergistic relationships with local communities and creating mutual prosperity and growth. During these last few years, our plants have been the stage for “encounters with art”, and occasions for gatherings and discussions on many topics of interest for local communities. We plan to reiterate our invitation to continue on this path of active involvement by evaluating new projects and initiatives together, site by site.  

We strongly believe in the mutual enrichment deriving from the school-work rotation programs that offer an opportunity for young students to plan their future and prepare their entry into the working world.
Known as “High Five”, this initiative has been developed in conjunction with the schools and is based on the principle of “learn by doing”, by fostering a close-knit collaboration between businesses and educational institutions. The project is an excellent vehicle for overcoming the traditional separation between the worlds of school and work by bringing them closer together through shared pathways aimed at reducing the time of entry into the working world for the younger generations. We have systematically resumed this project and have already received several requests for collaboration from schools.

In terms of continuous improvement, Buzzi Unicem pursues the creation of value through stakeholder engagement best practices, continuing the approach it has taken for several years in sharing common basic principles and standards of honesty and transparency. .

Would you like to visit a cement plant?

To visit a cement plant, please send an email or call one of the contacts listed in the following link: Open plants

High 5: Relationships with schools

For further details:

"Hive Five": School-work rotation
For information and applications for work rotations at the company, please send a request to:

Stakeholder Engagement – for further information on the approach taken by Buzzi Unicem and details on the projects in 2020:

Stakeholder Engagement
Report Stakeholder Engagement

11 August 2021

Plant malfunction

Buzzi Unicem hereby informs that this morning, at the Robilante cement plant, 
an anomaly occurred in the uninterruptible power supplies, which led to the interruption of electricity supply to all the systems with consequent halt of material supply (meal) and of incoming fuels to the two clinker lines.
This anomaly caused a momentary leakage of pulverized raw material (in jargon meal) from the preheater tower of "Kiln 3", which remained confined within the plant perimeter.
The power supply has been restored and the activities for restarting the clinker line are in progress.
There were no consequences for both the workers’ safety and the surrounding environment.
All the competent bodies were promptly informed.

29 June 2021

Presentation of the book “Spalti on the Road” by Giampiero Vola: journey to the football fields of the province of Cuneo and beyond

The book “Spalti on the Road – journey to the football fields of the province of Cuneo and beyond” written by Giampiero Vola, an employee at Buzzi Unicem’s Robilante plant, will be presented on Friday, July 2 at 7 PM, at the Luigi Buzzi Social Center of Robilante (via S. Margherita 32). 
The author, Giampiero Vola, describes his book as “carefully disorganized notes from a year of football (2019-2020 season) without a bench, disorganized to the extent that they range from youth football to professional football, including oratories, terraces, beautiful fields or gloriously covered in mud”. According to the author, football “doesn’t just mean being on the field, it also involves observing and listening to the sounds from outside”.  
Organized by the Social Center together with the Pro Loco of Robilante, the evening will offer an opportunity to discuss the inspiration behind the book with the author, who will be happy to answer any questions at the end of the presentation. 
Upon the wishes of Giampiero Vola, the proceeds from the book will be donated to the Associazione ABIO (Assistenza Bambini In Ospedale – ABIO Association, a children’s hospital charity) – Azienda Ospedaliera S. Croce e Carle (S. Croce e Carle Hospital) in Cuneo.
Spalti on the Road can be purchased directly at the event. 

28 June 2021

2020 cement plant figures available

The key cement plant figures for 2020 are available, reported in individual brochures that can be downloaded from this link as well as obtainable in paper form during plant visits. 

The purpose is to inform our stakeholders about Buzzi Unicem production site activities from both a strictly operational standpoint as well as our presence within the community. More specifically, the data are organized into two main areas, namely the specific figures for each plant and the overall figures for the Group. 
The individual plant figures focus on the environment, employee accidents, events involving the plant and atmospheric emissions. 

The environmental data include the tons of recovered raw materials (circular economy), the kilowatt hours consumed to produce one ton of cementitious material, the megacalories used to produce one ton of clinker, and the environment and safety investments made during the 2018-2020 three-year period. With respect to the atmospheric emissions, we report the figures for dust, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides. 

The overall Group figures include the key data for Buzzi Unicem S.p.A, the certifications obtained and the Group’s policies. 

06 May 2021

Buzzi Unicem presents its 2020 Sustainability Report. Attention to environmental issues and help for the local communities for the Covid emergency: these are the topics of focus in the 2020 Sustainability Report

The 2020 edition of Buzzi Unicem’s Sustainability report was presented today.

In addition to accurate reporting of economic, environmental and social indicators, the document also provides an update on objectives and targets, in line with the policies promoted by the company.

From an economic standpoint, the financial results show an improvement on the levels achieved in 2019 despite the difficulties related to the health emergency. The company hopes that both the vaccination plans and the economic stimulus announced by governments will strengthen demand for the sector and contribute to growth.

On the environmental level, the report illustrates the Group's commitment to reducing CO2 which in absolute value, in 2020, was down mainly due to a lower production of clinker and a lower use of electricity.

The year 2021 will be crucial for the definition of new targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions in the medium term, while the goal of climate neutrality by 2050, already announced by Cembureau - the European Cement Manufacturers' Association - could also be confirmed by the end of the year by the global association GCCA (Global Cement and Concrete Association), of which Buzzi Unicem is a member. For the company this is a complex and stimulating challenge, which it does not want to shy away from.

Social performance highlights the results of good practices in terms of health and safety at work and confirms the downward trend in workplace accidents in recent years. In addition, in order to mitigate the problems related to the health emergency, the company has decided to help people in difficulty in the countries where the Group's plants operate by donating over € 3 million to provide tangible help, in collaboration with various non-profit organizations.

Lastly, the company noticed that interest in non-financial information is growing and thus reiterates its commitment to constantly improving the quality and level of detail of non-financial information.

30 April 2021

“2020 Stakeholder Engagement Report” - An important step in the dialogue with stakeholders and the local communities in which we operate

The first edition of the 2020 Stakeholder Engagement Report aims to report on the many initiatives undertaken by Buzzi Unicem in favor of all stakeholders, mainly in the areas where the company operates.

The projects are part of the Stakeholder Engagement Policy and the intention is to highlight the constructive dialogue established over the years, sharing in a transparent manner the activities underway and the company's short and medium-term strategies.

The year 2020 was a difficult one, but despite everything we managed to strengthen our commitments to the community and establish new partnerships. The report identifies the main areas - social, cultural, educational and sports - on which it was deemed appropriate to focus, also on the basis of the needs expressed by the local communities.

In spite of the many difficulties that schools have had to face in recent months, School-Work activities have continued through the Webinar channel, which has been positively accepted and has become a consolidated practice for keeping in touch with the students.

Buzzi Unicem is fully aware of the importance of building and maintaining relationships of trust, based on mutual respect, active partnership, transparency and long-term collaboration with its stakeholders, in order to create shared value.


01 May 2020

Paolo Paoletti, new Manager of the Robilante Plant

As of May 1, Paolo Paoletti will be the new Manager of the Buzzi Unicem plant in Robilante.

With a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Genoa, he began his professional career at a company in the sector where he stayed for several years, covering various roles up to that of Planto. After a significant experience abroad, he returned to Italy to continue his career in cement companies until he joined Buzzi Unicem.

01 June 2020

Buzzi Unicem Bike Team Robilante - Lugagnano Off Road twinship

The twinship between the Buzzi Unicem Bike Team of Robilante and the Lugagnano Off Road was established in Lugagnano.

Both companies are present and have been working for years in their respective areas with the aim of approaching and training young people to the discipline of off-road cycling, thanks to the collaboration of FCI-certified teachers who take care of their training from the very first pedaling, for recreational-motor purposes, up to the technical/athletic training necessary to take part in the competitions.

The Robilante athletes were able to pedal along a route that winds through the hills and around the town characterized by picturesque views, steep climbs and technical trails, whilst the Bike Park of the Lugagnano Off Road company hosted activities full of obstacles and challenging passages.

The day ended with a visit to the Vernasca cement plant, where the Manager stressed how sports, in our case cycling, can promote and allow the sharing of positive experiences and growth for everyone.